Happy Birthday, Podcast Problems!

On March 9th, 2017, Podcast Problems was launched on WordPress. I had just moved from the city I still call my heart’s hometown, Flagstaff, AZ, back to my actual hometown of Phoenix, AZ. I was stressed. I was anxious. I was depressed. I needed something to keep me afloat as the dust settled, and what had kept me afloat for just about a decade leading up to that point was podcasts.

I launched Podcast Problems to make myself feel better in a time of need, but nothing could have prepared me for what a massive positive experience it would make on my life. Since starting Podcast Problems, I’ve gone to a beautiful podcast convention and have already booked my travel for another. I’ve visited the PRX Podcast Garage. I’ve increased my subscriptions from about 60 to about 140. I’ve interviewed one of my favorite creators, been interviewed myself (more on this when the time comes; trust me, I’ll tell you all about it), and have plans to interview even more in the coming year. I’ve written for the wonderful Bello Collective. I’ve been welcomed into this amazing, open, loving community and had the honor of making friends with so many people in it.

So, before I get to a retrospective of Podcast Problem’s first year, I just want to say thank you all for making Podcast Problems what it is. It’s no longer a life raft; it’s become a bona fide cruise ship. Make sure to look out today for the other changes coming to the site, including–gasp!–a name change, and make sure to join me TONIGHT for the birthday celebration livestream.


Podcast Problem’s Top Posts

  1. 36 Questions Review (Spoilers)
  2. Podcast First Impressions: “Rabbits” (Updated 6/27/17: Why I Stopped Listening)
  3. 10 Things I Wish Every Podcast Would Do
  4. Limetown Returning for Season 2 in 2018
  5. Podcasts “The Bright Sessions” and “Tanis” Being Adapted for TV
  6. 2017’s Best in Podcasts: Audio Dramas
  7. The Adventure Zone’s “Stolen Century” Closes As a Benchmark in Storytelling (Spoilers)
  8. My Current Podcast Subscriptions (Updated 1/5/2018)
  9. The Adventure Zone’s “Balance” Arc Is Ending, And I’m Not Ready (Spoilers)
  10. Podcast Help Wanted Listings

Amount of podcasts listened to, in hours, since August 2016

This is when I started using the wonderful Pocket Casts, so that’s what it can calculate.1

I also took this screenshot on 3/6/18 at 4:00PM, so, you know, add about another 15 hours to that for accuracy.

Some more numbers

  • Total number of posts, not including this one: 157
  • Total words written: 37,294
  • Total number of times I have thought, “Lord, that’s almost a whole NaNoWriMo”: 1, right now
  • Total number of podcast subscriptions as of writing: 142
  • Total number of times Mike Schubert of Potterless has seen the above number on Twitter and been aghast that I don’t trim silences or listen at 1.5x/2x speed: 1, but it was in all caps, so I’m counting it as 3
  • Total number of times people have asked me how many podcasts I’m subscribed to, been informed of the total, and followed up with, “Oh, I’m subscribed to [substantially higher number]”: Too many (it’s not a competition and I do. Not. Care.)
  • Total number of times I’ve missed PodCon: ∞
  • Total number of times I’ve been really really excited for Podcast Movement: ∞
  • Total number of times I’ve cried about The Adventure Zone: At least 40 times a week
  • Total number of times I’ve cried because I’m drunk and I started talking about how much I love podcasts: I don’t know, y’all, but probably too many

Some of my favorite posts

I shouldn’t play favorites with my children but, well . . .

  1. The Adventure Zone’s “Balance” Arc Is Ending, And I’m Not Ready (Spoilers)
  2. Podcast Problems: The Love and Fear of Silence
  3. 10 Things I Wish Every Podcast Would Do
  4. “Love and Luck”: An Audio Drama Beacon of Queer Hope
  5. 5 Podcasts to Help You Cope with the Horrific Garbage Tornado of Today
  6. The Magic of Audio Editing: Making Penn Jillette Seem Bearable
  7. Podcast Review: S-Town (No Spoilers)Podcast Review: S-Town (With Spoilers)
  8. Podcast Problems: Misusing the Medium
  9. “Spirits” Delivers a Hilarious, Spooky Audio Drama for its 2nd Anniversary
  10. “What’s the Frequency”‘s James Oliva Has Won the Trust Game of Audio Drama

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Podcast Problems!

  1. Congrats, Wil!!!!!
    on another note, there are a few podcasts that I listen to on a speeded-up thing, but it’s basically just Potterless and Sawbones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t do it! It makes me STRESSED. More power to you, though!


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