Join Me on Twitter for Podcast Problems’s Birthday Celebration Livestream AMA!

Update: You can watch the livestream here!

Podcast Problems will be celebrating its first birthday on Friday, March 9th! 

That’s right, y’all: this site is officially going to be a year old, and it’s going to have a very “new year, new me” party next weekend. To celebrate, I’ll be hosting a Twitter livestream AMA at 7:00PM AZ time (currently synced with MST). During the stream, I’ll be talking about the changes to the site (some of which you may have already noticed), exciting announcements, the site’s most popular reviews, and anything else you might want to hear me talk about.

Ever wondered what my favorite podcast episodes are? My least favorite? The coolest things that happened to me during PodCon? My current biggest podcast problems? My plans for future posts? My favorite non-podcast media? My opinions on whether hotdogs are sandwiches? An explanation on why I think whales are inherently evil? I’ll be answering your questions until they run dry or until I get sleepy–and I’ll be knocking back some wine to help the answers come easier.

Don’t have a Twitter? Not to worry. You can ask me questions by commenting on this post, and I’ll be posting the video to the site after the stream is over.

Hope to see you there next Friday!

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