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If you’d like to support me with a one-time donation versus a sustained Patreon pledge, you can now do so! You can make donations via either:

Wil’s Patreon

If my reviews have helped you find new podcasts you love, informed you about important news in the podcast industry, talked up some of your favorite shows that nobody else is discussing, or even helped you with your own podcast, I’d be so grateful if you considered becoming one of my supporters on Patreon.

Wil Williams Reviews takes 40-50 hours a week in listening to podcasts, plus the time it takes to write articles, reviews, lists, and the newsletter . . . and I work a full-time job. With your support, I’ll be able to see (and report on) more live podcast tapings, attend more podcast conferences and conventions, and drink the amount of coffee this job often demands.

In return, you’ll get things like access to an exclusive planning and chatting blog where you’ll get to weigh in on what I should post next; curated podcast playlists based on your taste in all sorts of media; your recommended listens in my weekly newsletter; and my deep, sincere gratitude. No matter how much you pledge each month, I will almost definitely happy cry when I see you’ve made the choice to support me.

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Wil’s patreon pledges

For transparency, here are the podcasts I currently support on Patreon:

  • Join the Party
  • The Once and Future Nerd
  • What’s the Frequency
  • Alba Salix / The End of Time and Other Bothers

Wil’s patrons

Here is a list of all of the amazing, wonderful, lovely, wonderful, amazing people who support me on Patreon:

  • Lucille Valentine
  • Jen Sugden
  • Chris Sugden
  • Anne Baird
  • Phoebe Seiders
  • Katie Youmans
  • Darcy Kennedy
  • Matthew Long-Rhyne
  • Ross Papa
  • Helen Zaltzman
  • Philip Thorne
  • Noelle Brake
  • Katie Conrad
  • Kat Schwartz
  • Brendan Hutchins – PodcastAdvocate.Network
  • Neon
  • David Rheinstrom
  • Lee Davis-Thalbourne
  • Erin M Speckley
  • Members of the Podcast Movement Community
  • Allyson
  • Chad Ellis
  • Julia Schifini
  • Liam Belson
  • B. James Marler
  • Jeff Van Dreason
  • Jarnsaxa Rising
  • Amanda McLoughlin
  • Tess KC
  • Alyna Jeanne
  • Jeffrey Cranor
  • Sarah Popp
  • Andrea Parrish
  • Erin Anderson and Teela
  • Ayla Taylor
  • Bridge
  • Alice Bell
  • Hayley Heninger
  • Gene Monterastelli
  • Project Nova
  • A Scottish Podcast
  • Kyle Turner
  • Andy Pond
  • Salvo Ludus
  • Michelle Nickolaisen
  • Leslie Gideon
  • Alma Roda-Gil
  • Alex Welch
  • Charles Gustine
  • Aki Grisham
  • Cole Raven
  • Kc Wayland
  • T.H. Ponders
  • Mischa Stanton
  • Ghostpuncher Corps.

Please note that if you are a podcaster, supporting me on patreon will not guarantee you a review, help you get a review, help introduce me to your podcast, etc. If you would like to request a review, please read my review policies.

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