This Week in Podcasts: 3/4/18 – 3/10/18

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The Bright Sessions
“Movie Night”

This was a sweet, silly episode of The Bright Sessions, but what made it such a highlight was what the episode stands for, and what it shows us about The Bright Sessions. When it comes to audio, specifically, I think there’s a fear of being “boring.” Without the visuals to help keep the listener’s attention, it seems audio dramas often have to attempt big, loud, plot-heavy episodes. “Movie Night” completely subverts this. There are nods to the overall plot plot, of course, but the focus is on the characters and who they are as people. The Bright Session understands that often, your characters are your plot, and developing them is more important than getting from Point A to Point B in a story.


This Week’s Ratings

Sunday, 3/4/18

  • The Hilarious World of Depression,”Highlights from a Hilarious Night of Depression”: C
  • The Sporkful, “Why Won’t Anyone Invite Michael Pollan to Dinner?”: C
  • The Cryptid Keeper, “Episode 48- Shadow People”: B-

Monday, 3/5/18

  • Han and Matt Know It All, “#61: Han and Matt Teach Polyamory 102 (& Rebrand!)”: B
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour, “The 2018 Oscars”: B
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me, “MBMBaM 396: Independence Jumanji 3”: C+
  • Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, “102. Dealer Turned Surgeon”: C+
  • The Splendid Table, “Eating in Space”: B-

Tuesday, 3/6/18

  • Love and Luck, “Episode 27 – Sarah and Mira”: B
  • Girl in Space, “You Will Never Leave This Place”: B
  • 99% Invisible, “298- Fordlandia”: B-

Wednesday, 3/7/18

  • This Is Love, “Episode 4: Eight Thousand Miles”: B
  • Han and Matt Know It All, “Opinion Overflow #31: ‘#FellowKnowItAll, What Do YOU Think?'”: C+
  • Unmapped, “#10 – SOOO Many Influencers (ft. Jetset Christina, Roamaroo, The Offbeat Life, and Venture & Eat)”: B-
  • Spirits, “Episode 67: Maya Creation Story”: B
  • The Bright Sessions, “Movie Night”: B+
  • Wonderful!, “Ep. 24: Tearaway Turtleneck”: B
  • Imaginary Worlds, “Remembering Ursula K. Le Guin”: C+
  • Yesterday’s Chip Paper, “31. Happy Ned: Elizabeth Taylor at Sea”: C+
  • Making Obama, “Obama 5: Up Or Out”: B

Thursday, 3/8/17

  • Wooden Overcoats, “Season 3 Episode 3: Rudyard Takes a Hike”: B
  • The McElroy Brothers Will Be in Trolls 2, “Chapter 4”: B
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour, “A Wrinkle in Time and What’s Making Us Happy”: C+
  • Invisibilia, “I, I, I. Him”: C
  • Raising the Dead Again, “4. Dead and Breakfast”: C

Friday, 3/9/17

  • Bite, “51 – You Thought You Knew Spam. You Knew Nothing.”: C
  • The Adventure Zone, “Dust – Episode 2”: B-
  • The Allusionist, “74. Take a Swear Pill”” B

Saturday, 3/10/17


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