Submitting to This Week in Podcasts

About This Week in Podcasts

Each week, the column will have a Highlights section discussing exemplary episodes from the week. Other sections will be added as applicable each week:

  • Pitfalls: Discussions of lackluster episodes or disappointing trends in a podcast overall, including why they fell flat and what could have adjusted to make them feel more successful in execution.
  • Updates: Quick updates on important things happening in the industry–not news reporting, but link sharing. This will include new notable podcasts as well as podcasts that have returned for new seasons, industry news, etc.
  • Campaigns: A list of ongoing podcast crowdfunding campaigns you can support.
  • Catch-Ups: A list of any ongoing podcasts I’ve caught up with in the last week. This won’t include a review–just the podcast’s description and a link to their website.

Other sections will be added as the column develops.

How to submit:

Want your crowdfunding campaign or update listed in the column? Please email me at with the applicable section title before your subject line. For instance: “CAMPAIGNS: Sci-fi audio fiction Kickstarter” or “UPDATE: Fancast returning for season 2.”

Please note:

  • Sending a press release does not ensure your news will be listed on This Week in Podcasts
  • Emails sent to this address will be read, but will rarely get replies
    • Please keep updated on This Week in Podcasts to see if your update was listed
    • If your update was not listed, you may send a follow-up email once the article has been published; however, this also may not receive a reply
    • Do not copy any of my other email addresses in your press release email
  • If you would like an episode of your podcast embedded in the column, it must be available on RadioPublic
    • It is helpful, but not mandatory, to include your RadioPublic link
  • Press releases should not be treated as review requests
    • Do not email to be listed in the Highlights or Catch-Up section

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