This Week in Podcasts: 6/30/19 – 7/7/19

This Week in Podcasts is a weekly roundup of the goings-on in podcasting, from highlights to pitfalls to updates and more. Have updates or crowdfunding campaigns you want listed? Check here for directions on how to get in touch.


Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services
“Case Twenty: Projection”
Release date: 7/1/19
Runtime: 15 minutes
Transcript linked in episode show notes

Witch-for-hire Kalila Stormfire is no longer just grappling with her internal struggles–somewhat personified by her Shadow–but also the political ramifications of how her work interacts with the fae. Lisette Alvarez’s ever-growing cast continues to feel fully steeped in this world, committing fully to both their roles and the setting, in a way that adds a nice depth to every beat of the story. Well into its second season now, Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services completely avoids the Sophomore slump.


Paula Deming, Nick Murphy, Matthew Jude Launch New Nonfiction Podcast Death by Monsters

Podcasters Paula Deming (Sassquatch Radio), Nick Murphy (The Brothers Murph), and Matthew Jude (This Game Is Broken) have launched Death by Monsters, a nonfiction podcast about “monsters, mysteries, and various paranormal phenomena.” Each episode dissects the mythos behind a specific monster: “Approaching each topic with varying degrees of skepticism, the hosts work to convince each other of their own theories, injecting even the darkest of topics with wit, humor, and plenty of irreverence.”

Audiohm Media Launching New Fiction Podcast How i Died

Audiohm Media announces their new fiction podcast, How i Died, premiering July 10th, 2019. “The How i Died podcast follows fledgling forensic pathologist, Jon Spacer, as he assists local law enforcement in solving crimes with a unique twist: Jon can hear the ghosts of the victims. In what is described as a Bones meets Ghost Whisperer format, every crime is based on a true story. Taking inspiration from modern medical and murder mystery television shows, How i Died takes a serialized approach to storytelling, with an overarching plot across the season, featuring a potential serial killer, an uncooperative sheriff, and a would-be love interest, while telling individual stories of the victim through the ghost each episode.”

Luminary and The Ringer Launch New Nonfiction Podcast Break Stuff: The Story of Woodstock ‘99

Luminary and The Ringer announce their new nonfiction podcast, Break Stuff: The Story of Woodstock ‘99: “Bill Simmons’ The Ringer crew breaks down just what happened in the third iteration of the famous Woodstock festival. There were riots, looting incidents, and numerous assaults. And it was set to a soundtrack of the era’s most aggressive rock bands. Woodstock ’99 revealed some hard truths behind the myths of the 1960s, and the danger that nostalgia can engender.”

Podtales Successfully Crowdfunds Its Inaugural Event

Upcoming fiction podcast festival PodTales successfully funded its first event via IndieGogo. The event will be based in Cambridge, MA, and held on October 20th, 2019. The campaign has achieved its flexible goal of $4000 USD and will be running until July 15th, 2019–which means you can still donate to help the event reach its stretch goals. The event hopes to spotlight indie fiction creators: “Independent podcasting has put the tools of broadcast media into the hands of more people than ever before, tapping into the power of sound and voice as storytelling media; contemporary story podcasts span the full gamut of fiction genres, from fantasy, sci-fi, and horror, to romance, psychological drama, and thriller, to the literary and experimental. This growing form incorporates a variety of powerful artistic elements—writing, voice acting, and sound design and production—to create a unique and immersive story experience.”


International Podcast Month Crowdfunding its 2019 Event

Annual event International Podcast Month is crowdfunding for 2019 via IndieGogo. The campaign has a flexible goal of $3500 USD and will be running until July 31st, 2019. The event hopes to “to cross-promote, celebrate each other, and share the love of podcasting with the world. In its inaugural year (2018), [International Podcast Month] crossed 10,000 Downloads and had over 70 different podcasts represented. This year [they are] aiming for larger content variety and even more representation of marginalized creators. For 2019, there will be Audio Drama/Fiction Minisodes, Creator Conversations, Non-Fiction Minisodes, RPG Actual-Play One-Shots, and the month-long blog.”

Fiction Podcast The Van Crowdfunding its First Two Seasons

Fiction podcast The Van is crowdfunding for its first two seasons via IndieGogo. The campaign has a flexible goal of $2500 USD and will be running until August 15th, 2019. The podcast is “an audio fiction series, a coming-of-age story about kids with superpowers. In a van. In the desert. It’s about poetry and emotions and finding your family.”

Fiction Podcast Fall of the House of Sunshine Crowdfunding its Third Season

Fiction podcast Fall of the House of Sunshine is crowdfunding its third season via Kickstarter. The campaign has a goal of $5000 USD and will be running until August 4th, 2019. The podcast is “a totally unique auditory roller coaster ride – a murder mystery whodunnit that quickly unravels into a lovingly crafted world of action, adventure, noir and musical comedy shenanigans. Featuring a cast of Tony- and Emmy- nominated actors and voice actors from Broadway and Prime Time television, immersive audio production, and a fully orchestrated soundtrack with over 110 musical numbers through the first two seasons, Fall of the House of Sunshine has built a singular podcast experience for your singular (doubular?) ears.”


Catch-ups are podcasts that aren’t new, but ones I caught up with during the week.

Fan Wars: The Empire Claps Back

Two passionate Star Wars fans on opposite sides of the Last Jedi debate argue via Skype after their favorite forum closes down. If you love Star Wars (or call yourself a proud member of any fandom), you’ll love this romantic comedy. We release episodes bi-weekly. WOHOO.

A RadioPublic embed of the podcast’s trailer, which can also be found here

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