Australian Podcast Network Launches with an Ear for Marginalized Voices

Based in Melbourne, podcast network Lipp Media has launched with a “collaborative partnership for on-demand, digital audio by women and members of the LGBT+ community.”

Lipp Media’s launch includes five podcasts podcasts:

Lipp Media also has two new podcasts in development to be released August 2018:

  • Uneasy Bedfollows, a philosophy podcast created by a sex worker; and
  • Keep Up with Kish and Brodie, a celebrity gossip podcast

Lipp Media will have a focus on discussing culture through an LGBT+ lens versus the typical dark, upsetting stories most people usually hear in regards to queer culture. On the creation of Lipp Media, Exeuctive Producer Dan Gregg said:

I got sick of hearing straight, white men on podcasts in Australia and needed to have a hand in diversifying the landscape . . . The LGBT+ community don’t just have depressing stories of woe to share; they’re hugely witty, creative and entertaining, and Lipp Media ensures its hosts are taking the lead on those conversations. . . . Audiences need to hear their own diverse voices reflected back at them, and while those diverse voices were once, and still are, marginalized, we need to push harder for them to enter our mainstream conversations. There’s no limit to how many stories we can tell, and you know we’re doubly funny when telling them.

You can find Lipp Media on their new website.

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