This Week in Podcasts: 7/29/18 – 8/4/18

This Week in Podcasts is a weekly roundup of mini-reviews of all of the podcasts I’ve listened to in a week. If you see any podcasts that you feel are missing from my list, there’s a good chance I haven’t listened to the show yet! You can see my current list of podcast subscriptions here. Feel free to give me recommendations–as well as any feedback or discussion!–in the comments below or on twitter. 


Kalila Stomfire’s Economical Magick Services
“Case Twelve: Fire”

Kalila Stormfire has become one of my favorite examples of balancing character and plot. While I’m usually a very character-focused person, the plot of Kalila Stormfire has blossomed in such interesting ways. The more the listener learns about Kalila, the more each case file starts taking on different tones–and with the twists in this episode, that’s brought to a new height.

Love and Luck
“Episode 48 – Justice”

Love and Luck is one of the most soul-healing audio dramas I’ve listened to, and this episode exemplifies how tearjerkingly kind it is. After an arc of dealing with harassment and vandalization, the main characters take action and deal with the ramifications. I was prepared for something terrifying, but of course, Love and Luck stuck by its core values and gave me something that moved me to tears instead.

Everything Is Alive
“Maeve, Lamppost”

Everything is Alive is one of those podcasts that makes me rethink what a podcast can be. I wrote a bit about its first two episodes on Discover Pods, but now that “Maeve, Lamppost” has been released I can speak on it a little more closely. “Mave, Lamppost” takes on such a different texture and tone than “Louis, Can of Cola”; instead of having a focus on the concept of the soul versus the body, Maeve focuses on the constantly observed becoming the unobserved, the desire for purpose and attention. The episode is effortlessly funny, and left me feeling less shaken and more proud. Of a lamppost.

This Week’s Ratings

Sunday, 7/29/18

  • Kaleidotrope, “Episode 4 – Kaleidotrope: A Romantic Comedy”: B
  • Hello from the Magic Tavern, “Season 2, Ep 70 – Girls Night”: C
  • We Fix Space Junk, “Marilyn’s Diary E07”: B-

Monday, 7/30/18

  • The Far Meridian, “Benny’s Paper Airplane #3”: B
  • Song Salad, “Ep. 121 – Mysterious Sport”: B
  • Reasonably Sound, “42: The Oddest Thing in the Universe”: C+
  • Potterless, “Ep. 47 – Half-Blood Prince Ch. 17 w/ Miel Bredouw”: B+
  • Everything is Alive, “Maeve, Lamppost”: A-

Tuesday, 7/31/18

  • The Good Place: The Podcast, “Chapter Ten: William Jackson Harper and Demi Adejuyigbe”: B-
  • Pairing, His Dark Materials (with Gabriel Urbina)”: C+
  • Love and Luck, “Episode 48 – Justice”: A-
  • Violet Beach, “Remy”: B
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me, “MBMBaM 417: DVDs for the People”: C
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour, “Breath of the Wild“: B
  • Steal the Stars, “Deputy”: B+

Wednesday, 8/1/18

  • Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services, “Case Twelve: Fire”: A-
  • Darknet Diaries, “Aurora”: B-
  • Han and Matt Know It All, “#80: Han and Matt Curb Their Gloating”: B-
  • Spirits, “Episode 88: Sharks (with Melissa Marquez)”: B
  • Song Exploder, “Neko Case – Last Lion of Albion”: B
  • The Soundtrack Show, “The Power of Song: An Interview with Disney Music President Chris Montan (Part II)”: C+
  • ZigZag, “Chapter 9: Letter from Startup-Blockchain-Women-Entrepreneurland”: B

Thursday, 8/2/18

  • My Favorite Elliott Smith Song, “New Monkey Studio”: B-
  • Wonderful!, “Ep. 45: Frasiest”: B
  • The Strange Case of Starship Iris, “8. Ghost Stories”: C
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour, “Eighth Grade and What’s Making Us Happy”: B
  • Showcase from Radiotopia, “The Great God of Depression” (released in full): C+

Friday, 8/3/18

  • The Good Place: The Podcast, “Chapter Eleven: Andrew Law and Kirston Mann”: B-
  • Superstition, “Strange and Unusual Signs and Occurrences”: C
  • Oh No Ross and Carrie, “Ross and Carrie Traverse Flat Earth (Part 8): A Better Experiment?”: C+
  • Strangers, “Anniversary”: B-
  • Kane and Feels: Paranormal Investigators, “Protected by Guardians”: B+

Saturday, 8/4/18

  • The End of Time and Other Bothers, “Journey to the Temple, Part 2”: C+

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