We Watched “Homecoming” and Have a Lot of Questions

I'm Elena Fernández Collins

Co-written by Elena Fernández-Collins and Wil Williams.

It’s really no secret that we — Wil Williams and Elena Fernández-Collins — are not fans of Gimlet’s fiction podcasts so far. We both wanted to take at least a look at the Homecoming adaptation from Amazon, but doing it alone sounded like a slog, so we co-watched it with snacks and alcohol. This is a live reaction chat we had for the first two episodes, edited for your enjoyment, with check-ins and recaps at the beginning, middle, and end. Strap in and grab your alcoholic beverage of choice, readers.

A quick rundown on Homecoming for those of you joining who may not have listened to the podcast. Gimlet’s Homecoming is two seasons and a comic book of a sci-fi thriller about a woman who used to be a therapist to Army men in a project called The Homecoming Initiative, and her…

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