The Bright Session Voice Charlie Frail Releasing “Audio Drama Comic Book”

As announced today on Twitter, voice actor Charlie Frail is releasing an inventive new audio drama, Tarnum.

Tarnum is a science fiction audio drama that will include visual components–a structure that creator Frail is calling an “audio drama comic book.” Frail is a digital artist, and will be livestreaming design sessions for the show on Tuesdays and Thursdays, beginning September 19th, to promote the show’s release.

While details of the show are currently minimal, there seems to be an idea of amnesia as well as space travel, themes that aren’t unfamiliar in the podcasting or science fiction worlds, and are sure to be revisited in interesting ways with Tarnum. Unsurprisingly, Frail’s voice already feels like a perfect match for the genre; his broody, textured grumble fans of The Bright Sessions are sure to recognize as Damien.

I will continue to post details on this exciting new project as they are released. Make sure to check my Podcast News page to keep up to date.


3 thoughts on “The Bright Session Voice Charlie Frail Releasing “Audio Drama Comic Book”

  1. I’m kinda hyped tbh


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