This Week in Podcasts: 9/10/17 – 9/16/17

This Week in Podcasts a weekly roundup of mini-reviews of all of the podcasts I’ve listened to in a week. If you see any podcasts that you feel are missing from my list, there’s a good chance I haven’t listened to the show yet! Feel free to give me recommendations–as well as any feedback or discussion!–in the comments below, in my asks on tumblr, or on twitter.

This week, Amazon’s adaptation of Lore got its trailer, and Futurama (unfortunately) returned via audio drama. The long-awaited What’s the Frequency premiered, which will get a proper review once its hit five episodes. I also started listening to The Ghost Radio Project, a gorgeous new indie audio drama that will also receive a review once it’s released a few more episodes. I also shared some feelings on my Casper mattress, an infamous sponsor of podcasts, in a new series that I’ll be adding to once I’ve been using Talkspace for a few weeks. This week also doesn’t have any pitfalls; everything I listened to was, at least, entertaining.


Join the Party

“Political Party II”

This episode of Join the Party kept down the show’s trend of becoming more emotive, and more lush in its production. The production work here was really the key to it standing out; this show uses its production to set its scenes better than most traditional audio dramas I’ve heard, let alone actual play podcasts. The listener can immediately tell what a labor of love the show is for everyone involved. This episode also drove momentum forward with both its plot and character writing. Like The Adventure Zone, this show that started out so silly is rapidly becoming more intense without losing its fun, energetic tone.

This Week’s Ratings

Sunday, 9/10/17

  • The Sporkul, “LeVar Burton’s Stolen Steaks”: B-
  • Terrible, Thanks for Asking, “12: Horrible and Wonderful and Figuring it Out”: B
  • Conversations with People Who Hate Me, “Episode 6: The Good Troll”: B

Monday, 9/11/17

  • The Penumbra Podcast, “2.12: Juno Steel and the Stolten City (Part 2)”: B
  • Wolf 359, “Mission Mishaps: A Little Night Music”: B-
  • Rough Translation, “Anna In Somalia”: C+
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me, “MBMBaM 371: Face 2 Face: A Lot About Horniness”: B
  • Potterles, “Ep. 24 – Order of the Phoenix Ch. 1-3 w/ Eric Schneider”: B
  • Hello From the Magic Tavern, “Season 2, Ep 26 – A Short One”: B+

Tuesday, 9/12/17

  • What’s the Frequency?, “1: Static”: B+
  • Code Switch, “It’s Getting (Dangerously) Hot in Here”: B
  • Note to Self, “Eavesdropping On Epiphany”: C
  • Myths and Legends, “82B-Arabian Nights: Show Me What You Got”: C+
  • 99% Invisible, “275- Coal Hogs Work Safe”: C+
  • Invisibilia, “BONUS: Catch-Up with Bill Millar”: B
  • Join the Party, “Political Party II”: A-
  • Beautiful Stories from Anonymous Strangers, “78. Bloomin’ Love”: B+

Wednesday, 9/13/17

  • Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked, “Borderlands”: B
  • Wonderful!, “Ep. 2: The Most Powerful Butt”: B+
  • Spirits, “Episode 43: Javanese Mermaids”: B
  • Join the Party, “Afterparty: Political Party II”: B

Thursday, 9/14/17

  • Song Exploder, “Rostam – Bike Dream”: B+

Friday, 9/15/17

  • The Allusionist, “63. Evolution of Accent”: B+

Saturday, 9/16/17

  • Nancy, “#23: I See You, I Love You”: C+

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