“Alice Isn’t Dead” Next Audio Drama Slated for TV

After the news of The Bright Sessions and Tanis being optioned for TV, Night Vale Presents’s Alice Isn’t Dead is the latest audio drama to be headed to the small screen. The show is set to debut on the USA Network. Creator Joseph Fink will also be writing a novel based on the podcast.

As discussed in my post on The Bright Sessions and Tanis, this marks an exciting time for audio drama to start being taken seriously again by old media. While Alice Isn’t Dead doesn’t have the independent production draw that makes the news of The Bright Sessions so exciting, the show’s lead being a lesbian played by a black woman, Jasika Nicole, just as worthy of celebration. While no casting is confirmed, it would be difficult to imagine the adaptation would ignore these two parts of the protagonist’s identity–especially due to the plot revolving around a woman trying to find her wife.

You can stream Alice Isn’t Dead on any major podcast streaming site or on their website.

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