After 47 Episodes, “Millennial” Says Goodbye

After 47 episodes, Radiotopia’s Millennial released its final episode today. Millennial was a show about growing up in today’s era and the struggles that young people today face when they hit their twenties. The themes in the show managed to be both timely and pervasive, both intimate and relatable. It truly encapsulated the feeling of being a millennial without being too laudatory or scornful.

In the episode, “Saying Goodbye,” host Megan Tan explains that much of the conflict in the show’s tone–which I have made note of in many This Week in Podcasts posts–comes from wanting to tell other peoples’ stories but the fans wanting to hear more about Tan herself. Tan notes that as her life settled into its routine after solidifying her career, her relationship, etc., there just wasn’t much to keep talking about, and it had started to weigh on her:

Gradually, I could feel a tug of war emerge between what Millennial was and what it was trying to become, and I was stuck in the middle, constantly asking myself about the identity of the show. To be honest, focusing on myself so closely had started to take a toll. My life and Millennial fell out of sync. So instead of forcing the show into a different format with a different purpose, I’ve made the complicated and difficult decision to let it go–to say goodbye–to Millennial.

You can listen to Millennial‘s archive on any podcast streaming service or on the show’s website.

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