Two-Hour Wolf 359 Bonus Episode Available for Free on Spoke

Today, Wolf 359 released a two-hour long bonus episode on the “social audio” app Spoke. For those who haven’t listened yet, Wolf 359 is a science fiction audio drama that takes place on the space station Hephaestus and has themes of isolation, grey morality, and mental health. If you have not yet caught up, now is the perfect time; Wolf 359 is launching its final season on June 12th.

The episode is a two-hour long special featuring Captain Lovelace’s first mission on the Hephaestus, with her original crew:

Captain Lovelace, commanding officer of the U.S.S. Hephaestus Station, is not having a great week. She’s butting heads with Communications Officer Lambert, her pedantic second-in-command. Doctors Hui and Fourier, her astrophysicists, seem more interested in an upcoming stellar flare than in basic station safety. Her engineer, Fisher, is getting fed up with the constant bickering, and her chief science officer, Doctor Selberg, isn’t exactly… dependable. But things really take a turn for the worse when her superiors at Command decide it’s time to put her crew through a very special training exercise, one carefully tailored to get under their skin. Lovelace, Lambert, and the rest of the crew must come together if they hope to make it through the longest, strangest, and most dangerous day of their expedition so far. Plus, apoplectic fugue states, emotional decision-making, corporate acid trips, never-before-seen attractions, and work of real substance.

The update was posted on the Wolf 359 Facebook page today, which also hinted that there are more bonuses that can be found on the platform. The episode can be accessed on the Spoke app or their website. Comments on the Facebook post suggest that the app is only available in North America, but the website can be accessed in most countries.


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