PodCon IndieGogo Closes with a Whopping $243k

PodCon, the first genuine convention for podcast fans, closed its Indiegogo campaign last night with a final sum of $243,686. While the campaign did not reach its goal of $300k, the Indiegogo has a “flexible” goal, meaning the convention will move forward, supporters will get their perks, etc.

Podcon.com now reroutes to a full site instead of directing to the Indiegogo campaign. The site lists the current guests that have been slated for the event. However, in last night’s creator livestream, it was emphasized that more guests will be added once the campaign has concluded. Current guests include:

  • Gaby Dunn of Bad With Money, various YouTube shows, and older BuzzFeed videos
  • Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer of Criminal
  • Several of the cast and crew members from Welcome to Night Vale
  • Franchesca Ramsey of Last Name Basis
  • Roman Mars of 99% Invisible
  • Aaron Mahnke of Lore

The host hotel has also been announced. There is a group rate for podcast attendees at the Sheraton Seattle, which is across from the convention center. The rate is about $145.00/night and can be booked from December 4th-13th for those who might want to stay in Seattle for longer than just the convention itself. The group rate is available until November 7th, but it is likely to fill up before then.

I was very happy to contribute to the Indiegogo and will be attending this year. Will you be attending as well? Comment or reach me on Tumblr or Twitter and let me know!

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