The End!

Okay, pals. The time has come: I’m closing down my Patreon. But it’s for good reasons!

I started a billion years ago, with the hopes that I would someday be able to go full-time into podcast writing. There were times I hoped I could build up my Patreon to do so, but most of the time, I knew that wouldn’t be possible–and that I didn’t want the specific hustle of Patreon to make that possible.

The dream was always to write for bigger publications who would pay me to talk about podcasts. And that’s the good news: I’m doing that, y’all.

Over the last little while, I’ve written for my site as well as Discover Pods, The Podcast Host, Podmass, and then slowly, non-podcast-specific publications. I’ve written for Polygon, a site I’ve loved for years and years, several times. I’ve written for Vulture. I’ve written for other sites that don’t even have anything to do with podcasts, like The Takeout, Kotaku, and–coming soon–I’ve written a video essay script for The Take on YouTube. 

But most integral to this story is that I’ve started writing for Spotify for Podcasts with Third Bridge Creative. Spotify pays me well, respects me deeply, and has given me an avenue to talk to podcasters I likely wouldn’t have been able to write about without the platform.

All of this enabled me to leave my day job. And that enabled me to work harder writing for other sites. And that gave me the financial stability to feel comfortable working on my own creative endeavors.

I’m, like, living the dream. It’s wild.

So, with all of that said–I never imagined writing for my own site forever. It was always meant to be a springboard. And a springboard it has become! For the time being, I’m letting my site, and my Patreon, take a nap. Will I ever come back? Who knows! I don’t know! The world is weird, y’all!

If you’d like to still support me, it would mean the entire world to me if you’d support my creative work on Hug House Productions. The work that I’m doing there is the culmination of everything I’ve done everywhere else. Also like, it would be real neato of you to listen to VALENCE. Listen through episode 3, which is one of the best of season 1, but also listen to all of it. Listen: VALENCE good.

So. Thank you. I love you. Y’all have been so good to me for so long. I can’t express how deeply thankful I am for how much you all have supported me in so many ways. And I’m not going anywhere! Let’s be real: I’ve barely used my site and this Patreon! Now I can just keep focusing on what I’ve already been doing without, tbh, the guilt of not posting here or there.

I love you all. Thank you. Bye! ❤

2 thoughts on “The End!

  1. Yes yes yes! You deserve it!!!

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  2. Love your input about podcasts. Thanks you


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