Let’s Go Back: An “ars PARADOXICA” Relisten Series

As chosen by my Patreon supporters, my next relisten series will be on audio fiction cornerstone ars PARADOXICA!

For those who haven’t yet listened and might not know about ars PARADOXICA, it’s a sci-fi audio fiction that follows Dr. Sally Grissom, a modern-day scientist who accidentally discovers time travel and finds herself stuck in the 1940’s.



ars PARADOXICA is one of the most impressive and important pieces of audio fiction to date, and to see whether I can help untangle its timelines, I’ll be relistening to every episode and posting them periodically. I’ll be recapping episodes every Tuesday and Thursday, schedule permitting.

I’ll do my best to keep the summaries and discussion of each spoiler-free for upcoming episodes. I’ll make nods to moments of foreshadowing that are important, but I’m not here to spoil the twists and turns for new listeners.

Each recap will have the following sections:

  • So, what happens in this episode?: A summary of the events in the episode
  • Key facts and characters: A list of all of the important characters, facts, dates, places, and concepts brought up in the episode
  • Does it hold up?: A critical review on how well the episode stands up in the current world of audio fiction
  • Butterfly Effect: A mapping of the plot’s current timeline(s)
  • ODAR & You!: Other observations and connections from the episode

You can find all of the ars PARADOXICA recap posts here as they’re posted, as well as linked down below:

Season One

Season Two

Season three

You can listen along to ars PARADOXICA on their website, where there are also transcripts for each episode. You can also subscribe to ars PARADOXICA on any major podcatcher including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or directly via RSS.

I look forward to going back to ars PARADOXICA with you!

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