The McElroys WILL Be In “Trolls 2”

As reported today in Vanity Fair, the McElroys’ quest to appear in Trolls 2, as documented in their sparsely uploaded podcast The McElroys Will Be In Trolls 2, has hopefully come to an end; the McElroys will be in Trolls 2.


This also means that now, the brothers must focus on not being cut from the film. In The McElroys Will Be In Trolls 2, the brothers consistently (though jokingly) worry about their use of profanity and absurdism; however, it seems as though it would take something substantial for them to be cut at this point. As written in Vanity Fair,

The McElroy brothers are currently engaged in Phase Two: doing everything they can to avoid being cut from the film. As Travis put it, “As of right now, we are set to be in Trolls 2—if we don’t fuck it up.” They believe that by drumming up publicity, they’ll secure their spots: “If we are cut from the film, we need a fucking riot,” Justin said. ‘It needs to be the biggest deal on Earth if we were removed from the movie.”

After the release of the Vanity Fair piece, an episode of The McElroys Will Be In Trolls 2 was released giving more details.While few details are known about the McElroys’ roles in the film beside their names, we do know that Justin, at the very least, will not be playing a troll–he mentioned in the article that his daughter cried when he told her.

While three parts were offered to the brothers, the roles were not offered to specific brothers. The names of the characters are Techno Beat Drop Button, Country Music Tear, and Hard Rock Tear. For now, the three brothers seem to be fighting over the role of Techno Beat Drop Button.

The brothers were also secured tickets to the premier of Trolls 2.

More news on how the McElroys will be in Trolls 2 will be added as it is released.

You can listen to The McElroys Will Be In Trolls 2 on Spotify, Apple, PodBean, Libsyn, Stitcher, or the show’s website.

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