“Two Broads Talking Politics” a Political Podcast for the Weary

Politics has long been one of the most prominent genres in podcasting, but I’ve never found a political podcast that stuck for me. I’m a fan of current events podcasts, but only the ones that focus more on culture than the actual realm of politics. In a world that is constantly exhausting, podcasts about politics just always seemed so confrontational, filled with hosts I couldn’t relate to, with overly-scripted and manicured feels to them.

Two Broads Talking Politics stands out among the crowd. It’s simple, as its name and description suggest:

Kelly and Sophy are two progressive Midwestern Moms talking politics, activism, feminism (and sometimes parenting) with expert guests.

Two Broads Talking About Politics is a no-frills political podcast with hosts who are actually likeable. Kelly and Sophy have a comfortable rapport that feels more akin to a conversational podcast than something you might hear on NPR. There’s a laid-back feeling that lacks urgency or panic but is filled with purpose and focus. Part of what poltical podcasts often lack is a sense of welcoming or reassuring, which is understandable; things are bleak, and they aren’t improving. The desire to be high-energy or high-intensity in debate or discussion likely seems like the best way to get listeners actually involved.

For me, though, this only made me more exhausted, not riled up and ready to take action. Kelly and Sophy take a more delicate approach, one that feels almost commiserating. Instead of focusing the tone on urgency, they understand that their words can carry the meaning. It’s a refreshing approach that makes the content much easier to swallow without ever feeling condescending or too precious. It doesn’t feel like there’s an attempt at being a more tender take on politics; instead, it seems just like Kelly and Sophy are kinder, calmer people than most other political podcast hosts.


Two Broads Talking Politics also often has guests on for interview, and in listening, I was consistently surprised by how much I enjoyed Kelly and Sophy’s interview style. In conversation with a guest, the two take a back seat, asking questions only when necessary to further encourage discussion and precision. This tactic is also refreshing in the political sphere: so often, interviewers will cut off their guests, try to ask leading questions, or skew the conversation to suit their purpose. Instead, these hosts seem to realize that their guests–most of whom are local politicians from across the country–will provide plenty on their own.

Sometimes, these tactics do result in very long episodes–sometimes upwards of an hour and a half–that also have minimal editing. This does tend to land the show in the “Good Conversation, Bad Podcast” territory, though I wouldn’t call the episodes bad by any means. They’re a commitment, but it’s a commitment that’s easy to make given you won’t be exhausted by the end of a listen. The podcast also does have some basic audio quality issues, if that’s something that’s likely to deter you from listening.

Still, Two Broads Talking Politics fills a niche I didn’t even knew existed before I listened. It’s a political podcast with a mellow temperament and a call to action that’s more a nudge than a shove. It’s the type of political podcast I can see myself returning to, even and especially when things continue to be bleak.

You can find Two Broads Talking Politics on any podcatcher or on their website.


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