Feel-Good Queer Audio Drama “Love and Luck” Kickstarting its Second Season

Love and Luck, an Australia-based magical realism queer audio drama, has begun kickstarting its second season. The fund’s goal (in USD) is about $3,300, and ends on February 28th, 2018. Love and Luck is a beautiful podcast that earned, to my knowledge, the longest review I’ve ever written.

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of discussion about supporting independent queer and/or disabled artists. This is one of your opportunities to do so.

As with any Kickstarter, the campaign comes with a few exciting rewards for backers (for a complete list, please see the Kickstarter page, linked below):

  • At AUS$5+, backers receive a thank you voicemail from the show’s protagonists, a ringtone, a digital wallpaper, behind the scenes information and project updates, and a listing as a supporter on the show’s website
  • At AUS$20+, backers receive a Love and Luck badge, postcard, and stickers, as well as the lower-tier rewards
  • At AUS$50+, backers receive a Love and Luck swag bag with an enamel pin, keyring, and poster, as well as the lower-tier rewards

For those curious, the Kickstarter campaign has several graphs about where your money will go, detailing the podcast’s production costs.

You can find the campaign for Love and Luck‘s third season on Kickstarter. You can find Love and Luck on any podcatcher or on its website.

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