“Strangers” Leaving Radiotopia

As announced on the podcast’s 11/20/17 episode, “Go, Kalan,” Lea Thau’s Strangers will be leaving the Radiotopia network. Strangers is a nonfiction storytelling podcasts, and one of the founding shows of Radiotopia, alongside shows like Roman Mars’s 99% Invisible. Roman Mars is was also the founderIn the episode, Thau explains:

[Roman Mars] did change my world forever, and for the better, and he and the rest of the Radiotopia gang have introduced so many of you guys to this show and brought you into the Strangers community, and I’m forever grateful for that, and everything Radiotopia has done for me and Strangers. [. . .] But any network you’re gonna be a part of is going to come with schedules and rules and so on, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need, and other times you just need to find your way back to your own core as an artist, and I’ve wanted that for some time–I’ve just been to scared to do it. But now, here I go.

The decision to end Strangers‘s partnership with Radiotopia has clearly been amicable, and I wish Thau the best in her endeavors moving forward. Thau plans to continue Strangers independently after the partnership will stop “at the end of this year [2017].”

You can listen to Strangers on any major podcast streaming platform or on their website.

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