This Week in Podcasts on Short Hiatus until the New Year

As I started planning my posts for the end of the year, it quickly became clear that posting a This Week in Podcasts would be an unreachable goal some weekends and an impossibility on others. Between working full-time, Thanksgiving, celebrating Christmas across two weekends between two families, PodCon, and New Year’s, I would only be able to post two This Week in Podcasts posts between now and the end of December, and even those posts would be difficult in timing. The next This Week in Podcasts should be published January 7th, 2018.

This does not necessarily apply to the newsletter. While the newsletter will absolutely be delayed during PodCon, I plan on writing a follow-up issue once I return. Otherwise, I plan to keep the newsletter running without pause. Updates will be included in the newsletter itself. It should also be noted that I am looking for readers to tell me which podcasts they’re thankful for to be included in the next issue! Please comment down below, email me via the contact link, or hit me up on Twitter or Tumblr to submit and you may be included in the newsletter!

To make up for the reviews that are usually included in the This Week in Podcasts posts, I plan to write a full episode review for episodes that would usually earn a grade between B+ and A+. I’ll also be tweeting about the podcasts I’m currently listening to, though letter grades won’t be included. I’ll still be posting about podcast news, and there will still be a post about PodCon once I return. I also plan on continuing the You Should Be Listening To posts, with the next subject of each decided by a poll on Twitter. I also have plans for First Impressions reviews. I’ll also be posting several year-end Best Of posts throughout December. This Week in Podcasts is only taking the hit because while the posts may seem simple, they take by far the most time and effort to compose.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment down below! It’s important to me to keep you all informed and be as transparent as possible with updates like these. As always, I appreciate your patience and support.

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