“Sword and Scale” and “Up and Vanished” to Be Adapted for TV

As reported in Variety today, podcasts Sword and Scale and Up and Vanished will be adapted by Ben Silverman, who spearheaded the adaptation for Amazon’s Lore. Both podcasts are in the true crime genre:

“Sword and Scale” is a true-crime podcast created by Mike Boudet, who hosts the show. It launched in 2014 and has registered as part of Hernan Lopez’s Fox-backed podcast network, Wondery. With real-life crime in vogue after “Serial,” “Sword and Scale” has fared well on the podcast charts and now runs to more than 100 episodes.

“Up and Vanished” also falls in the true-crime category. In the show, host Payne Lindsey investigated the disappearance of high school teacher Tara Grinstead, unearthing new evidence that prompted arrests in the case. Lindsey is now seeking funding for a second season of his show, which would focus on another cold case.

There is currently no word on how these adaptations will broadcast. With Silverman’s previous work with Amazon, a continued partnership seems natural; Variety, however, suggests that the Sword and Scale adaptation may end up on a traditional cable network.

For more information on podcast adaptations, including more updates on these two upcoming adaptations, make sure to check our Podcast News and Podcast Adaptations sections.

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