First Teaser for Amazon’s Adaptation of Podcast “Lore” Debuts

On a very fitting October 13th, Lore, the TV adaptation of the acclaimed horror podcast, will launch on Amazon. This show will mark the first podcast in an increasingly impressive list to be adapted for TV/Streaming, and its success may start the groundwork for podcast adaptations in the future.

Lore lies somewhere between a nonfiction and fiction podcast, bringing the listener–and now the viewer–retellings of some of the internet’s best spooky folklore, commonly called “creepypasta.” As reported on by io9:

The six-part series—which will cover the real-life folk stories and history behind our most beloved supernatural icons, from werewolves to witches—will combine narration from Mahnke with documentary footage, mixed media sequences, and ultimately live-action shorts to bring the stories Mahnke has discussed on Lore since it first began back in 2015 to life.

It seems as though the TV show will feature retellings of more traditional cryptids and the like instead of focusing on online stories, a la Slenderman, Candle Cove, The Rake, etc. However, as someone who hasn’t listened to Lore for at least a year, the podcast proper might have turned its tone away from creepypasta as well.

As a note, I will be travelling for business when the episode is released. I hope to watch and review the episode as soon as I am able.

What are your feelings on the trailer? Which episodes do you hope they include in the TV/Streaming adaptation? Please feel free to discuss in the comments below!

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