PodCon: A Convention for Podcast Fans on the Horizon

Edit: My original dates for the convention were very wrong. They have been corrected.

A second, very exciting edit: I will officially be attending the convention! I am very proud to say that I have backed the campaign.


At long last, a true convention for podcast fans is going to be making its debut this year. Some of us might remember PodCon 2015 but, to my knowledge, this PodCon is unaffiliated. While PodCon 2015 was online-only, a small 4-hour chunk of content that hardly constitutes “convention” instead of “webinar,” PodCon 2017 will be a fully realized, in-person convention (with remote attendance available as well). PodCon 2017 will be held at the Seattle Convention Center, December 9th-10th.

When I first heard about PodCon2017, I was elated, then very, very wary. The last convention I can think of that was crowdfunded for a small niche community was DashCon, which I’m sure many of us remember as a hilarious disaster that ultimately just took advantage of its young attendees. Upon further inspection, all of my fears were quieted; the runners of PodCon 2017 are:

  • Hank Green, founder of the wildly popular and successful VidCon (as well as many other projects)
  • Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor of the Night Vale Presents network
  • Travis McElroy, part of podcasts like The Adventure Zone, My Brother, My Brother and Me, and countless others

As the Indiegogo campaign gains steam, more and more creators will be added to their list of guests; right now, however, only the founders are confirmed in their attendance. The campaign only launched yesterday (5/14/17), though, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more guests added soon. For updates, you can follow PodCon on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and two fake social media platforms linked to on the Indiegogo that I absolutely fell for. (Smashmouth, Wil, really? You fell for Smashmouth?)

The Indiegogo campaign will run until 6/5/17 with a goal of $300k. Here are the curret reward levels, some of which include remote or physical attendance:

  • For $1, you’ll get a thanks
  • For $10, you’ll have access to planning livestreams
  • For only $25, you’ll have access to remote attendance. Remote attendance will get your recordings of all panels, performances, and live recordings. Note that while the convention is in December, the recordings might not be available until January 2018.
  • For $55, you’ll get remote attendance and a swag bag
  • For $89, you’ll get a signed card and sponsor one Seattle resident to attend the event who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford attendance
  • For $90, you’ll get a ticket to the event for a 10% discount off of the standard ticket price
  • For $125, you get attendance and a swag bag
  • For $150, you’ll get a thumbdrive pre-loaded with curated podcasts, including bonus episodes and outtakes of podcasts that aren’t available elsewhere
  • For $250, one of the convention’s guests will record a voicemail message for you, a la Carl Kasell
  • For $300, you’ll get a signed program and preferred seating
  • For $500, you’re sponsoring a guest they otherwise would not have been able to book. You’ll be allowed into their thank you pizza party with the PodCon guests.
  • For $900, you’ll be considered a full sponsor and get a quarter-page ad in their program

As someone who cares so much about the podcasting community, I want so badly for this campaign to flourish. I’m planning on backing as soon as I’m able (I’ll be sure to tweet excitedly when I do). Please consider checking out the Indiegogo campaign and, if you can, attending the convention. While I originally thought I wouldn’t be able to attend, it seems like I might be able to! If you plan on going, please let me know!

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