For the Record: A “36 Questions” Relisten Series

My next relisten series will be on the musical, limited-run fiction podcast, 36 Questions!

For those who haven’t yet listened, 36 Questions by Two-Up Productions (Limetown) is a full musical told in three acts. Without giving too much away, it’s the story of a separated husband and wife who reunite after the husband leaves upon finding out his wife has spun him into a web of lies.

A RadioPublic embed of the trailer, which you can also find here

I’ll be relistening to each episode and posting the recaps for the next three weeks.

Each recap will have the following sections:

  • So, what happens in this episode?: A summary of the events in the episode
  • The truth: A list of all of the important characters, facts, dates, places, and concepts brought up in the episode
  • Does it hold up?: A critical review on how well the episode stands up in the current world of audio fiction
  • The 36 Questions: A list of each question, as it is asked in each episode, and who gave which answer
  • Hear me out: Other observations and connections from the episode

You can find all of the 36 Questions recap posts here as they’re posted, as well as linked here:

Act I

Act II


Listen to 36 Questions: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Website | RSS

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