A Guide to Unleashing Your Podcast’s Press Release

I'm Elena Fernández Collins

You’re hip-deep in trying to get the second season of your podcast off the ground and focused on improving your audience reach. Your listenership for season one was either disappointing, not too shabby, or surprising, or maybe even as expected, but no matter what, you want to be reaching more people’s ears. Figuring out how to do that is a nightmare for the indie podcaster, because marketing your podcast is a minefield of research articles–not detailed enough, overwhelming, too many buzzwords, geared towards the wrong style of community or genre of podcasting, business-oriented and not indie-oriented. But something’s clear: you’ve got to reach out to reviewers and reporters somehow.

One of the best tools in your media outreach arsenal is a press release, and a well-written and constructed press release is a key to a reporter’s memory.

What exactly is a press release?

A press release, generally, is an informational…

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