Tips & Tricks for Fiction Podcasters

Elena Fernández Collins is one of the most important resources in the podcast industry right now. This list of tips is a must-read!

I'm Elena Fernández Collins

This article was created in the interest of supporting fiction podcast creators and producers, inspired by the work of Michelle Nickolaisen at Self-Taught & Solo, a resources website for solo and self-taught fiction podcasters (with a ton of handy tools for podcasters of all kinds, actually!). These are a few tips and tricks that I’ve seen in action or heard from creators that have given success in some fashion to a podcast, with a focus on topics I think aren’t talked about enough in public resource spaces.

Community-Oriented Casting Calls: Casting calls are a staple of multi-voice audio fiction. When designing them, creators need to keep in mind that this is a call to a community to join the project; you’re essentially pitching your project to a big, somewhat nebulous audience (rather than pitching to one reporter, one outlet, or one particular network). That means:

  1. Always make sure the audition deadline…

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