Wil Williams Reviews Birthday Livestream AMA This Saturday!

It’s been two years since I started writing podcast reviews for this site! For its first year, the site–which was still called Podcast Problems–got a new design, a new name, and a Patreon. Between its first year and its second year, things have been even more exciting. I’ll post a bit more about what this year has looked like for me, but to celebrate the day, I want to do something else I did last year: host a livestream AMA via TwitterIf you don’t use Twitter, you can also watch via Periscope.

During the livestream, I’ll be answering your questions and drinking wine. The livestream will start at 6:00PM MST this Saturday, March 9th. During the livestream, you can use Twitter replies or Periscope to ask me anything–questions about podcasts, the industry, helping curate the audio fiction track for the upcoming Podcast Movement, or things that aren’t related to podcasts at all! Can’t make the livestream? Leave a comment below, and I’ll be sure to answer: first, in the livestream, and second, in a reply to your comment.

I hope to see you this weekend to celebrate this exciting landmark, answer some questions, and maybe tease some upcoming projects!

Wil Williams Reviews Birthday Livestream

Date: 3/9/2019
Time: 5:00PM PST / 6:00PM MST / 7:00PM CST / 8:00PM EST
Watch on Twitter
Watch on Periscope
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