This Week in Podcasts: 8/19/18 – 8/25/18

This Week in Podcasts is a weekly roundup of mini-reviews of all of the podcasts I’ve listened to in a week. If you see any podcasts that you feel are missing from my list, there’s a good chance I haven’t listened to the show yet! You can see my current list of podcast subscriptions here. Feel free to give me recommendations–as well as any feedback or discussion!–in the comments below or on twitter.  You can see a list of every episode that has scored within the A range here.


Hit the Bricks
“Episode 0: Lost”

The much-anticipated Hit the Bricks released its pilot episode this week, and the wait was absolutely worth it. This upcoming audio drama, which takes place in the world of The Wizard of Oz, featured a gorgeous soundscape, phenomenal acting (with a lead role played by Michelle Agresti), and delightfully whimsical writing. The episode is laced with a feeling of nostalgia in an almost classical sense: it doesn’t just pull on references or a childhood familiarity with the universe, but also the forlorn aching for which nostalgia was named. The first episode of Hit the Bricks captures the feeling of both a true fairytale and a modern mindset without turning too gritty; instead, it grounds listeners in a sweet, fantastical world that I can’t wait to return to.

This Week’s Ratings

Sunday, 8/19/18

  • Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services, “Desiree’s Journal: Dreaming of Fields”: B
  • Conversations with People Who Hate Me, “Nauseating”: C
  • Hello from the Magic Tavern, “Season 2, Ep 73 – Globulous (Live from Indianapolis w/ Stuart Wellington)”: C+
  • The Hilarious World of Depression, “Thom Tran is a Regular Standup Comic Except for the Part About Being Shot in the Head in Iraq”: B-

Monday, 8/20/18

  • HORSE, “Ep. 4: My Right Leg Is Cool Now”: B
  • The Bright Sessions, “The Bright Sides – Patient #3-C-2”: B
  • Song Salad, “Ep. 124 – Eff Your Essing Bee”: C+
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me, “MBMBaM 421: Spoonhog”: B-
  • Violet Beach, “Let’s Talk Arcana!”: B-
  • Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, “126. A Saudi Student in Canada”: C+
  • Hit the Bricks, “Episode 0: Lost”: A-
  • Terrible, Thanks for Asking, “44: Ripped from the Headlines”: B
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour, “2018 MTV VMAs”: C+

Tuesday, 8/21/18

  • The Good Place: The Podcast, “Chapter Seventeen: Lizzy Pace, Matt Freund, & David Schwartz”: C
  • Han and Matt Know It All, “BONUS: Kitty-Cats Know It All”: B
  • 99% Invisible, “320- Bundyville”: B
  • Jarnsaxa Rising, “S II, Ep V: Is This Really You?” B

Wednesday, 8/22/18

  • Twenty Sided Stories, “POKEMON! #4 – Showdown with Brock and Misty!”: B
  • Han and Matt Know It All, “#82: Han and Matt Proceed with Caution”: C+
  • Spirits, “Episode 91: Pele”: B
  • Serendipity City, “Minisode: Newspaper Clippings from Serendipity City”: B
  • ZigZag, “Chapter 12: Enter the Mesh”: B

Thursday, 8/23/18

  • Victoriocity, “Undergraduate Pontoon”: B
  • Wonderful!, “Ep. 48: Baby Lou Bega”: C+
  • Ghibliotheque, “Princess Mononoke | Ghibliotheque #5″: C+
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour, “BlacKkKlansman and What’s Making Us Happy”: C

Friday, 8/24/18

  • The Good Place: The Podcast, “Ch. 18: Andrew Law, Writer | Marques Ray, Actor”: C
  • Oh No Ross and Carrie, “Ross and Carrie Go Out of Body (Part 7): Get with the Existential Program”: C
  • The Adventure Zone, “Amnesty – Episode 14”: C+
  • Violet Beach, “Prom Night”: C

Saturday, 8/25/18

  • StarTripper!!, “The Free-Swimmer of Vadal”: B

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