This Week in Podcasts: 8/5/18 – 8/11/18

This Week in Podcasts is a weekly roundup of mini-reviews of all of the podcasts I’ve listened to in a week. If you see any podcasts that you feel are missing from my list, there’s a good chance I haven’t listened to the show yet! You can see my current list of podcast subscriptions here. Feel free to give me recommendations–as well as any feedback or discussion!–in the comments below or on twitter. 


What’s the Frequency
“11: Distortion”

When I first started listening to What’s the Frequency, I loved puzzling the plot together and not knowing exactly where it was going–or exactly where had it been. I worried that having too much focus on plot would detract from some of the magic, but as its first season heads toward an end, I’ve been easily proven wrong. As things start to go even steeper downhill, What’s the Frequency still plays with narrative and texture, weaving its upsetting, gorgeous sound design and editing in with its plot. This episode also featured a chilling, terrifying performance from the ever-lovely Richard Penner, whose voice I maintain is still the most soothing in podcasting.

“Get Kraken”

“Get Kraken” is the season one finale for Tides, an audio drama that goes from being so ostensibly focused on isolation to such a beautiful story about where we find family and community. Anchored by one of Julia Schifini’s best performances to date, this episode goes through a gamut of tones and emotions, ending on a cliffhanger in a way that feels invigorating but not out of left field. The episode also features more of Tides‘s phenomenal dialogue editing, making the chemistry between each character feel so genuine and tangible. It’s not just an audio drama to be listened to because it’s great; it’s also a must-listen for anyone aspiring to make an audio drama themselves.

This Week’s Ratings

Sunday, 8/5/18

  • Hello from the Magic Tavern, “Season 2, Ep 71 – Castle Nowhere”: B-
  • Conversations with People Who Hate Me, “They/Them”: B
  • We Fix Space Junk, “Marilyn’s Diary E08”: B

Monday, 8/6/18

  • HORSE, “Ep. 3: We Are All Marbury”: B
  • The Far Meridian, “Benny’s Paper Airplane #2”: B+
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me, “MBMBaM 418: Trial of the Riddlemancers”: B-
  • Song Salad, “Ep. 122 – Lashes for Lasses”: B
  • Violet Beach, “Promposal”: B+
  • Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, “124. Goose, Not Maverick”: C+

Tuesday, 8/7/18

  • The Good Place: The Podcast, “Chapter Twelve: Maribeth Monroe and David Niednagel”: C+
  • Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked, “The Wraith”: C
  • 99% Invisible, “318- Fire and Rain”: B-
  • Jarnsaxa Rising, “Is It a Trap?”: B
  • What’s the Frequency?, “11. Distortion”: A-
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour, “Sorry to Bother You”: C+
  • Tides, “Get Kraken”: A

Wednesday, 8/8/18

  • Han and Matt Know It All, “#81: Han and Matt Double the Fury”: C+
  • Spirits, “Episode 89: Šauška”: B
  • Wonderful!, “Ep. 46: Here Comes the Sauce!”: C+
  • ZigZag, “Chapter 10: Listening to Anthony Bourdain”: B-

Thursday, 8/9/18

  • Victoriocity, “The Indifference Engine”: B
  • The Adventure Zone, “Amnesty – Episode 13”: B+
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour, “Pop Culture Punching Bags and What’s Making Us Happy”: B

Friday, 8/10/18

  • The Good Place: The Podcast, “Chapter Thirteen: Mike Schur”: B
  • Oh No Ross and Carrie, “Ross and Carrie Go Out of Body (Part 5): Psychosoma vs Mentalsoma Edition”: C

Saturday, 8/11/18

  • StarTripper!!, “Lost in the Mail”: B+

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