This Week in Podcasts: 4/22/18 – 4/28/18

This Week in Podcasts is a weekly roundup of mini-reviews of all of the podcasts I’ve listened to in a week. If you see any podcasts that you feel are missing from my list, there’s a good chance I haven’t listened to the show yet! You can see my current list of podcast subscriptions here. Feel free to give me recommendations–as well as any feedback or discussion!–in the comments below or on twitter. 

This week, I wrote a review of Podcast Meander, a divisive but beautiful not-quite-fiction, not-quite-entirely-nonfiction podcast. This week was a leaner week in podcasting, though, with no episodes that jumped out as either highlights or pitfalls–just solid releases all week.

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This Week’s Ratings

Sunday, 4/22/18

  • We Fix Space Junk, “S01E06 – The Trainer, The Leech, and The Mortgage”: B
  • Nancy, “Punks”: B

Monday, 4/23/18

  • Fall of the House of Sunshine, “c:\>y-puter_poems>>3._eLeCtRiC_SiZzLe.emotion”: C+
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me, “MBMBaM 403: Hot Dog Wine”: B+
  • Potterless, “Ep. 40 – Half Blood Prince Ch. 5-6 w/ Gabriel Urbina & Sarah Shachat”: B
  • The Penumbra Podcast, “2.19: Second Citadel — The Moonlit Hermit (Part 1)”: C

Tuesday, 4/24/18

  • Join the Party, “25. Bachelorette Party V”: B
  • Violet Beach, “The Circle”: B
  • Love and Luck, “Episode 34 – The Posters”: B
  • 99% Invisible, “304- Gander International Airport”: C+

Wednesday, 4/25/18

  • Join the Party, “Afterparty: Bachelorette Party V”: B
  • Spirits, “Episode 74: Your Urban Legends VIII – Grandma Extravaganza”: B
  • We Came to Win, “1. How the 1990 World Cup Saved English Soccer”: C
  • Fall of the House of Sunshine, “Season 2, Addendum 1: The Cat’s Pajamas”: C
  • Tides, “Tellus Initiative Presents: Q&A with Dr. Winifred Eurus”: B
  • Song Exploder, “Arcade Fire – Put Your Money On Me”: C

Thursday, 4/26/17

  • Caliphate, “Chapter Two: Recruitment”: B
  • Radiolab, “Dark Side of the Earth”: C
  • Oh No Ross and Carrie, “Ross and Carrie Hunt for Ghosts: Arizona Haunted House Edition”: C

Friday, 4/27/17

  • Boom, “To Make Amends”: B-
  • Bitrate, “Chasing Honest Feedback and Following Up on Google’s Pod Plans”: B-

Saturday, 4/21/17

  • The End of Time and Other Bothers, “2: The Academy of the Fallen, Part 1”: B

These weekly roundups are some of my favorite to write, but they’re also some of the most exhausting posts to write. Keeping up with all these podcasts is time consuming! These posts are brought to you with deep thanks to my Patreon supporters. Becoming a supporter will get you access to my planning blog, customized podcast playlists, and the ability to request reviews for podcasts you love. Find out more here!

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