Whisperforge Teases New Podcasts with Ian McQuown, Tau Zaman, Julia Schifini, Kristen DiMercurio

As teased in today’s ars PARADOXICA, Whisperforge–the “collective dedicated to immersive stories & underrepresented voices”–will be releasing several new projects in the coming year, as well as a second season for The Far Meridian. While ars is currently in its final three episodes, it seems Whisperforge fans will have plenty to look forward to even after its conclusion.

The first podcast discussed was StarTripper!!, a “space-hopping comedy” about a “former inter-galactic bureaucrat and thrill-seeker who left his former job behind to chase all the fun the galaxy has to offer.” StartTipper!!‘s art and brief summary have been on the Whisperforge site for some time, but with no full site of its own.


The description reads:

The interstellar adventures of Feston, a former galactic bureaucrat, and PROXY, the onboard AI of his “cerfitied pre-owned” StarTripper, as they scour the stars for the best life has to offer. [Coming 2018]

A teaser will be released for StarTripper!! within “the next few weeks,” and The Bright Sessions‘s Ian McQuown has been announced as the lead. The project was created by ars PARADOXICA staff writer Julian Mundy. The show still has no site, but can be followed via Twitter and TumblrStarTripper will be released “within the next month or two.”

The second announcement was for “brand new fiction projects by [ars PARADOXICA staff writer] Tau Zaman, Julia Schifini, and Kristen DiMercurio.” It’s unclear whether Zaman, Schifini, and DiMercurio will be collaborating on one project or on separate projects, but the combination of talents Whisperforge has accumulated in this list is exciting to say the least. Update: I have received confirmation that Zaman, Schifini, and DiMercurio are all working on separate fiction projects for Whisperforge.

With ars PARADOXICA coming to an end, it makes sense that writers will be moving on to new fiction projects; less expected, though, is the announcement of nonfiction projects to be released under Whisperforge. So far, Whisperforge’s announced projects have all been audio dramas, so a departure from that medium should be an interesting endeavor under the Whisperforge collective. Details for the nonfiction projects have yet to be released.

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