Hear Wil on a New Podcast About Podcasting, “Tuned In, Dialed Up”!

Today is the launch date of Tuned In, Dialed Up, a podcast collaboration between myself and Gavin of The Podcast ReportTuned In, Dialed Up is a conversation on podcasting with a weekly highlights, specific discussion topics, and pitches for terrible podcasts that should not exist.

Tuned In, Dialed Up isn’t a lofty discussion about industry; it’s a laid-back casual conversation between two critics who have opinions and like talking. It’s conversational, silly, and usually a little frustrated as well.

You can find Tuned In, Dialed Up on any podcatcher or on its website, which also includes transcripts of each episode.

  1. it’s a great show!!

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  2. […] by posts by Alex at AudioDramaRama and Gavin at The Pod Report (and my co-host on Tuned In, Dialed Up), I wanted to share the story of why I love podcasts so much and how I got to where I am today. […]



  3. […] someone who co-hosts a podcast on podcasting myself, I was curious to see what BitRate would be like: where we’d intersect and where we’d […]



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