“The Bright Sessions” Concluding at the End of Season Four

On February 6th, 2018, cornerstone audio drama The Bright Sessions announced its finale via Twitter post and short post on their podcast feed.

As discussed in the informative audio clip uploaded to their feed, Lauren Shippen explains that there are only (as of writing this post) eight episodes left for The Bright Sessions:

The arc of the story that we’ve been telling since episode one will be coming to its natural close, and I want these fifty-six episodes to stand on their own as a complete series people can discover and listen to on their own for years to come. All that said, I am not done with these characters yet; they have so much more to do and say, and I know that the actors aren’t done with them either. So, even though the original run of The Bright Sessions is coming to a close, this feed will not go quiet after [June 2018, the conclusion of the show’s main arc].

After the conclusion of the main season, ten monthly bonus episodes featuring other patients will be released starting in July. These bonus episodes are thanks to goals being hit on The Bright Sessions‘s Patreon.

The Bright Sessions will also have limited run mini-series spinoffs taking place in the same universe, but after the main arc. These limited runs will be released in March 2019 and sometime in 2020. The latter will revolve around core character Caleb–likely in his college years, or perhaps his adult years. These spinoffs will accompany the Bright Sessions novel trilogy and, hopefully, television series.

Now is, of course, a good time to get caught up on this beautiful, critically acclaimed audio drama if you haven’t yet. You can find The Bright Sessions on any podcatcher or on their website.


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