“The Bright Sessions” Creator Lauren Shippen Named Forbes 30 Under 30 Media Luminary

Lauren Shippen, creator of The Bright Sessions, was named as one of 2018’s 30 Under 30 Media Luminaries by Forbes in today’s release of the list. In the list, Shippen’s blurb comments on the high number of downloads The Bright Sessions has gotten, as well as the show’s LGBT+ representation. The blurb also comments on the upcoming The Bright Sessions TV adaptation. Shippen writes, directs, and acts for The Bright Sessions, and has made appearances on several other audio dramas.

Shippen’s inclusion in the list is a landmark for the audio drama community. While My Brother, My Brother and Me fans will likely know, podcaster Griffin McElroy was named one of 2017’s 30 Under 30 Media Luminaries; McElroy, however, was listed based on his founding of video game and culture site Polygon, though his podcasts were mentioned in his blurb. To date, Shippen is the first podcaster on the list known specifically for work in and on an audio drama.

You can congratulate Shippen on her Twitter or Tumblr, and you can listen to The Bright Sessions on any major podcast streaming platform. You can read the full list on Forbes.


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