On Short Hiatus: 10/5/17 – 10/15/17

Hello, all! I wanted to give a quick, informal little update on Podcast Problem’s status for the next week and a half or so.

From 10/6/17 – 10/13/17, I’ll be attending a conference for work in Boston, MA. I’ll be sure to listen to lots of Greater Boston in this time, of course. I’m giving myself a few more hiatus days for travel and regrouping once I get home. I might need a few days to mourn the loss of the beautiful Boston fall leaves as I return to very dry, very warm, very brown Phoenix.

Also worth mentioning: if you have recommendations for restaurants and/or cafes in the Cambridge area, I am wholly unfamiliar with it and would love some suggestions. Feel free to leave a comment below with some places I should check out. Also worth mentioning: my conference is on a specific software used in my field, and the conference is being held at MIT, and I’m presenting for one of the sessions. Wish me luck?

During this time, I’ll obviously have limited time to post on this blog. This means that there will be no This Week in Podcasts post on 10/8/17 or 10/15/17. During this time, I won’t be posting any reviews, and I may not respond promptly to review requests from creators. I might post specific pieces of podcast news I find, but I’m much more likely to post these on my Twitter than write any actual posts.

This also means that I won’t be able to post a full review of Amazon’s adaptation of Lore until at least a day or so after the show premiers. I will try to post a review on this as quickly as I can. My initial reactions are also more likely to show up on my Twitter than on the blog.

In this time, I hope you all have a lovely start to your October. I know I’ll be listening to lots of Halloween-centric podcasts in preparation for the best holiday of the year! I’m really hoping to listen to some of these if I manage to use some of my downtime to make my way over to Salem!


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