Procyon’s New Audio Drama “Station to Station” Debuts August 22

On August 22nd, 2017, Procyon Podcasts, the network behind The Strange Case of Starship Iris and Under Pressure, is debuting its new audio drama, Station to Station. Procyon’s history has been tumultuous, with Starship Iris on hiatus and lackluster results from Under Pressure. Still, the network has justifiably made a name for itself in the audio drama community due to its adventurous concepts and dynamic character writing.

Station to Station is set to be an intense mystery thriller. Here is the synposis from the show’s website:

When Dr Miranda Quan embarks on a 10-week research cruise in the North Pacific, she expects two months of no-nonsense experiments, bad Titanic jokes and marathoning Grey’s Anatomy. Instead, her lab partner has vanished, leaving knee-deep in a mystery she has to solve with nothing but a notebook full of half-finished thoughts and a cassette tape with his last words. With a storm moving in and something sinister lurking below decks, Miranda must untangle the conspiracy surrounding her or be consumed.

A four-minute trailer for Station to Station was released July 23rd, 2017, highlighting some of the acting, writing, and production. So far, the production seems much more along the lines of The Strange Case of Starship Iris than Under Pressure; while there are effects added to the main voiceover like with Under Pressure, the effects in Station to Station seem more like an enhancement than a distraction. The acting and writing similarly seem the high quality one would expect from a Procyon show.

Station to Station will be reviewed on my This Week in Podcast posts and might eventually receive a First Impressions review, once the show has hit about 5 episodes.

You can find Station to Station on their website, as well as any major podcast streaming/download platform.

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