This Week in Podcasts: 3/26/17 – 4/1/17

This Week in Podcasts a weekly roundup of mini-reviews of all of the podcasts I’ve listened to in a week. If you see any podcasts that you feel are missing from my list, there’s a good chance I haven’t listened to the show yet! Feel free to give me recommendations–as well as any feedback or discussion!–in the comments below, in my asks on tumblr, or on twitter.

Sunday, 3/19/17

The Once and Future Nerd
“A Cruel and Sullied World, Pt. 2”

Again, this show impresses me even in just the smallest ways. This second episode of Book 2 introduces more plot details while also seamlessly recapping previous episodes. The use of Jen as the audience’s mouthpiece, getting information from past events slightly wrong, is such a wise choice for making sure the audience knows what’s going on. Rhiannon Angell shines in this epiosde, delivering a perfect mix of softness, urgency, and surprising humor. While this episode was lore-heavy, it isn’t bogged down; after steeping in the content, hearing discussion of the world’s religion felt natural. It was explained simply enough that I don’t even think it would be an issue for new listeners to jump in–but I’d implore everyone to give the full show a listen and not skip ahead.

This American Life
“#220: Testosterone”

This is a repeat of a classic This American Life episode, but it seems like a strange one to rebroadcast. Phrases like “born female” and “took action to become a man” are cringe-inducing in 2017, to say the least. The lack of any pre-show discussion about how phrasing has become more inclusive or even current political situations made listening to this episode again uncomfortable and even stressful at times. To be honest, I didn’t even make it through until the end of on this listen. I stopped just after the first story.

The Hilarious World of Depression
“PLACEBO: Bonus Episode of Terrible, Thanks for Asking to Celebrate #trypod”

This week’s The Hilarious World of Depression was a #trypod feature of the show Terrible, Thanks for Asking. I hadn’t heard of the show prior, and I will say that it was a bit grueling to get through. The show, which discusses emotional honesty and mental health, is accordingly direct with how it depicts postpartum depression in this episode. Terrible, Thanks for Asking seems to be a much more serious show than The Hilarious World of Depression, which is likely apparent just in the differences between the titles. While the episode was dark, it still did end positively, and got me to subscribe to the podcast. Short-form stories about mental health are a popular brand of podcasts, but based on production, intimacy, and the empathy of the host, I feel like this might be one worth paying attention to.

Monday, 3/27/17

The Penumbra Podcast
“19: Juno Steel and the Kitty-Cat Caper (Part 1)”

Color me surprised–this episode was really a fun listen. I’ve always been on the negative end of ambivalent with this show, but there seemed to be a marked improvement between previous episodes and this one. While the remastered episodes obviously couldn’t show improvement in writing, this new chapter did–and it showcased an improvement in acting as well. It played on tropes (something mandatory in this genre, not annoying) and gave some interesting twists. If this is going to be the quality for now on, I’m very looking forward to a new era of The Penumbra. I do wish they’d stop recycling voices, though; it’s so distracting to hear the same timbre in so many roles, hardly changed from character to character.

Kind World
“#36: When the Sun Came Out”

Kind World is always like a perfect little bite of chocolate. Each episode is short enough to get the message across but not get cloying. This episode was only 6 minutes long, but still managed to almost bring me to tears at my desk. The episode focused on the friendship between and old man and a young girl, and every moment of it was so, as the mother of the girl says, “cosmically sweet.”

Hello from the Magic Tavern
“Season 2, Episode 2 – Birdman of Hogsface”

With the group now fully under the Dark Lord’s rule–Arnie still getting his daily snacks and VIP treatment–I worry about the show slipping into monotony again. I wish this show would either lean more into the plot or bring in new, strange characters to breathe some life back into it. This wasn’t a bad episode. It was just forgettable and a little boring.

Tuesday, 3/28/17

Chapters I – VII, show released in full

Summarized very quickly, I feel like S-Town told one of the most interesting stories I’ve ever heard–but ultimately, it was told poorly. I’m glad I got to hear this story, but overall, I’m very ambivalent about this podcast as a piece of media. For more, see my review without spoilers and, if you’ve already listened to the show, my review with spoilers.

“Episode 103: Marigold and Persephone”

In a very sad turn from my positive first impression of Rabbits, this episode had almost every trademark Pacific Northwest Stories trope I absolutely cannot stand. The pacing was frustrating. The writing was dull and unbelievable–maybe one day, the PNW team will realize that people don’t actually say “quite” in conversation, or that the “asshole billionaire recluse” is one of the most boring archetypes to work into a story. I still maintain faith for this show, even after an annoying episode with an incredibly annoying ending. I still have faith that this show will be an improvement on The Black Tapes and TANIS. I just have a little less faith after this episode.

99% Invisible
“253- Manzanar”

This emotional episode of 99% Invisible focused on the Japanese Internment camp (or concentration camp–the episode discusses the nomenclature) Manzanar, which was later turned into a museum. The episode discusses a piece of history that is often much too ignored, but roots it in the actual structure of Manzanar in true 99% Invisible fashion. The conflict between what the museum represented and what it shows of the community is a focus, highlighting issues I never would have considered. The episode is a little slow-paced, but it’s important content, and I highly recommend listening.

Beautiful Stories from Anonymous Strangers
“54. What Not to Ask a Trans Person”

The title explains this episode of Beautiful Anonymous succinctly: a trans man calls in to answer questions and show what types of questions you shouldn’t ask a trans person (spoilers: stop asking strangers about their genitals). This was a good listen for anyone who wants more information on the trans community, and I assume it would be a nice moment of commiseration for those within the trans community. This was a much more informative episode than it was funny or emotional, but I think that’s just as valuable–if not more–than the more riveting episodes.

Note to Self
“Deep-Dark-Data-Driven Politics”

This week’s episode of Note to Self focused on Cambridge Analytica, the company that allegedly used personality-based ads to sway voters towards Trump. The story, however, shows that this wasn’t actually the case, and that Cambridge Analytica didn’t use those tools with the Trump campaign. The episode digs into why this story, which is false, was discussed so heavily. It also discusses how psychometrics could be used in the future. As always, Note to Self balances being horrifying and lighthearted in a way that informs but avoid scaring it audience away.

Code Switch
“Sanctuary Churches: Who Controls the Story?”

This week’s Code Switch talks about the sanctuary status of churches–something ostensibly altruistic, but the episode dives into the controversial idea of being public about who is seeking sanctuary. The show discusses the white savior complex and the condescending nature of many in the movement to those they’re claiming to help. The sanctuary movement has become more and more discussed in the media, and this episode shines a light on the people we unfortunately hear from the least: those actually seeking sanctuary. As always, top notch work from the Code Switch team.

Wednesday, 3/29/17

The Bright Sessions
“35 – Patient #13-A-3 (Chloe)”

This was a delightful episode in writing, acting, and construction. If I had to give an example of what makes The Bright Sessions mandatory listening, this would be one of the episodes I’d point to; the entire episode is one quick moment that was entirely character driven, didn’t ignore its plot, and managed to both resolve tension and raise the stakes. Even just the range of emotion displayed in the episode is astounding: Joan’s guilt contrasts her relief, Sam’s fury contrasts her excitement, and Mark moves through so many different stages it’s hard to list. The energy of the actors feels almost like watching the cast of Firefly; the combination of talent and genuine love for the show is always tangible, but especially in this week’s episode. Everyone who works on this show seems to understand it so thoroughly, making it one of the most cohesive podcasts I can think of.

Thursday, 3/30/17

Song Exploder
“Norah Jones – Day Breaks”

Norah Jones is widely known for her upbeat, innocuous jazzy tracks like “Sunrise” and “Don’t Know Why,” but “Day Breaks” sounds like an interesting semi-departure. The track is still sleepy, and the added saxophone discussed in the show do shove it back into the jazz realm (it actually almost sounds like the David Bowie song that plays during the magical peach masquerade dream trip sequence in Labyrinth mixed with the intro chords of Evanescence’s infamous “My Immortal”), but it’s a little darker and more produced than I think most people are used to. Its melodic simplicity makes this episode so interesting: it breaks apart each layer that most people wouldn’t notice unless they’re paying very, very close attention. I’m not particularly a fan of this song, but I love that Song Exploder can take something so simple and break it apart so meticulously.

The Magnus Archives
“MAG 58 Trail Rations”

The most interesting thing about your episode should not be the bizarre and vaguely alarming ad that precedes it. If I’ve been unnecessarily harsh with The Magnus Archives recently, it’s only due to wasted potential. This show has such genuine talent working on it–I just wish they’d find their stride again. I desperately miss their early episodes, especially when every other horror podcast I’ve tried has failed me. I’ve stuck with The Magnus Archives the longest by far, but it’s seeming like I might have to abandon this one soon as well.

Friday, 3/31/17

The Allusionist
“53: The Away Team”

This week’s The Allusionist discusses the intricacies of words used for people living in a country they were not born in–words like “aliens,” “migrants,” “ex-pats,” etc. In my day job, I actually work in immigration in the states (specifically, I deal with student visas), and I was so happy to hear this episode. The history and connotations for all of these words is usually very dark and biased, and hearing someone else discuss this was incredibly refreshing. For someone who doesn’t work in immigration, I’m sure that some segments of this were also just informative (the discussion of “asylum-seeker” versus “refugee” was one I think many could benefit from hearing). The episode also discussed how language is made up primarily of words from other languages, and what it would be with those words or influences removed. I’m obviously biased, but this was one of my favorite episodes in recent memory.

Welcome to Night Vale
“Episode 105 – What Happened at the Smithwick House”

T̰̖͙̩̙̩̮̞͕ͯͩ̃́ḩ̪͉͚̋͌͟͝ỉ̷̪͙̟͇͚̟͍̌s̴̜̮̤̤̻̳ͣ̚͡ ̸͇͎͇͙̞̓̒ͪ͞w͎̙͖̜̝͓̳͋͛̓͑ͨͧe̷̢̦̭͖̤͙̱͕͍̟͌͌̽͂e̵͖̿k̵̦͍̻͖̗̙̹͙ͣ̀̇ͨ̔̇̈́͊́͠’̶̟͓̞̫͕͉ͭ͋ͤͨ̌s̷̨͍͈̳̗̫̤͆̚ͅ ͉̲̺̾̆ͭ̊̌̀W̵̯̦̜̤̪̮̑̃́ͅͅe̶̩̼͙̰̠̘̍́ͬ̿͆̔ͬ͜l̸̞̹̯̝͍̠͕̳͔ͭ̆͋͊ͦç̥͚͒ͦ͒̚͠o͕̦̙̗̜͚̙͈̙͆͊̂͋̃ͦͣ̈́̃͢͠m̶̈̐̎ͨ̍̓̉҉̢̞̮͎̩̮͇͍ͅể̴̖̰̤́͂ͫ̓̆́ͅ ̛͔͚̍͌t͔͉̯͍̖̟ͣ̈́͆͑̓̾̃͐͢͟ŏ̢̱̐̿̍̾̎͋̀̎͜ ̷̞̮̰͍̯̮̈̅͊̃͂Nͤ͗̾͊̾̅́͝͏̖̫i͚̯̪͓͕͇̮̱ͥ͢g̭̉͛̆̽̎̽̑͋͟͝ĥ̬̖ͤ͂tͦ̈̋̓ͯ͠͏̸̳͓ ̝̖̤͚͖̮͖̥ͪ͑̄̕͡V̗̤̤͎̏̑̈̅̽̈́a͔̺̳̒̏͌ͩͧ̑̄̚l̸̥͉͉̫̟͚̭͛͂̄̋ͤ̂̐ͨ͝ȩ̳̩̣͙͚̽́̿ͭ͆̀ͅ ̴̗̯̯̯̒ͮ͟ͅͅi̲̭͓̪͎͍͇͖̾͐͝s̸̱̰̹̠̋ͭ͟͞ ̛͎̘̙̌ͭ̔͂̑͞s̸̽̀͛҉͓̙͉̗̗͈͈̝̹p̷̗̣̼̳͉̜͍̈́͊͘ͅl̸̝̣͈͔̰̹̠̠ͮ̾͊̑͊̍̇͞ï̸̱̤̟̤̤͎ͭͫ͝ͅţ̠͎̥̤́̀ ̸̜͕̼ͧ̌͛̔͂̓̋ͩ̈́ȋ̩͇̪̭̤̎̔̅ͭ̒̑͒̆́̀͡n̮̹͖͈͕̺̪͊̄͐̀ͯͯ̋̚t̻̦͂̾̿ͧͧ͡ǒ̖̯͙̩͍̃͋ͬ̃͂̚͢͡ ̸̫̝ͪ̈̈́̿̂ͭ̾t̔̇̑ͩ̉҉̞̝̩̙͚̳͎͚̀͜w̶̪͓̯͔̬̦͈̯̾̃̿̅ō̺̫ ͊̂͌͋ͧ̅҉̺̖̲̞s̻͈̲̰̩͇͇̩͋ͪ͘͘ͅe̛̞̳͖̭̎̌̈́̈́̈́c̵̤͔̅̀͆͝t̨̡͖̗͕̟̳͈̜̋̈́ͪ̊͗͊̏͡i͙̱̲ͭ͌ͫő̺̯̝͚̼͉̻̊̂͠ͅn̺̩̙ͨ̾̽͘s̳̞ͤ̅̎:̮̲̆ͤͥ̉͛̈́ͯ̈ͪ͜͠ ̭͎̤̭̗̹͇̋̓ţ͙ͭͬh̯̩̬̍ͧ̇̽̈́̂̓́́ȇ̺̞̒̑̈̃̅̓ͫ̄͜ ̵̛̩̲̞̟͚͎͚ͥ͋́͑̂d̸̶̪̬̬̲̤͓͌͊̒ͪͩͪ̀͡i̡͇̭͈͖̯̞̹͉ͣͣͩ̎͌ͦ̆̋̀s̛͊̄̒̓͏̱̟̖̰̭̯͇c̵͓̯̉̋̋̓ͭ͗̎̚͝ü̽͆̚͏̺̩̫̞̝̖̕͠s̰̘͉͈̖̞̬̗̐͢͜s̷̴͈̠̈́̀̑͛i̓ͦ̉҉̶̯͚͕͇̙̕ͅo̹͉͖̖͕͐ͤ͌n̩͔͍̥̮̖͇͔̿̊̅̾ͭ͟ ̡̡̰͖͔̤̟̺̓ͤ̎̍̇̆̐̃̽o͙̲͙͔͎͐ͭ̍ͮͣ̂̚͠ͅf̨̼̹̰̭͔͇͇̮̑̍͑͌̈́͋ͭ͘ ̛̲͇͉̥͉͉̦͊̽̂͜C͖̮̎̓͊̈́e͒ͬ͐͏͍̠c͍̤͓̻̠͊̃ͧ͜i̸̟͍̘͙̭̘̲̳ͯͤ̇ͅl̖̬̝̈ͣ̏̽̊́̈́̿’̦͚͋̌ͦ̅̕s̢͇̣͎̟͇͍͖̠̓ͦ͑̓͡ ̬̬͉̲̠ͦͭͦ̂̊̀̽ͬͪ͢͞a̻̫̔̍ȓ̷̖̳̯͍̞̥̖ͅr̴̖͔̥̃̓̇͋̅͗ę̻̺̯̱͓͚̱̏͋ͬ͌͑ͬ͋͐̀͟͝s̥͎̤̩̮̓ͫͨ͟t̨͓̻̦͍̖͚͛̌̀͂͋̀,͙̙̱̘̭̭̪͎́͒̉̈ͯ̐ͦ̋͠ͅ ̺̱̘͖͇͍͍̝ͨ̔͒ͬ̑͌͋a̽ͥ͌͋̆͏̢̻̱͇͍̦̰̗̬̰n̷͖͉̯̫̪̔͐̈́ͧd͙̦͙̱͐̂̑̊͊ͅ ̂҉̸͏̹͙C̨̩̟̙͙̱̔͐̾̑͗e̡͈ͬ̀ͩ͗̾̌͆ͪc̡͔͚̦̙͍͍ͬ̿ͩ͐ͥi͓̘̟̠̓͑ͩͨ͐̀̊͆͟͟l̨͉̟̻̫ͦ̀̌̈̚͞ ̗̥̼̐ͪ͒͂ͬ̅͛͐̓a̴̢̨̲͎̫̍ͣc̭̝̰̱͇͖͐͐͘t͖͔̯̪̩̯̮͒̅ͪ́͡ȋ̵̢͙̪̦̿̏ͨ͌̈n̨̫̤̰͉ͥ̓̿ͭ͂̈ͫͩģ̶͚̋͂ͨ̏ͦͪ ̡̡̭̩̪̥̩͎͇̥̃̑̚͠a̴̝̪͓̼̰̜̭̩͆ͨs̙̪̻̤̝͎͇͑̓ͯ̈͆ͯ͑ͥ̌ ̳̭̮̄̑ͧͪţ̜͕̝̩͍̖͙̍ͫ̿̏͗̽ͤ̆̆͘͟h̵̷͉̘͗́e͒͐̈́ͫ̑ͪͧ͋͏̵̛͓͉͓͔̬̦̱͈ ̤̘͔̣͇̫̗̅ͣͫn̨̪͈͓̏͂a̢͍̗͆ͭ̋̽͗͑̚͢͡ͅr̢̼̱͐̍͊̏ͯ̕͡r̢͎̙̗̫̬̱ͧ̕a̴ͩ͑͏̤͞t̘̞̭̏͛̉̉̎͞͞o̓̾̑́́̚͏̸̱̭̦̯͎̫̥̖̰͢ŕ̭̦͕̦̼͚ͭͥ̈́̽̂ͩͭͅͅ ̩̱̪̿͐̈́͒̋̀ͬ̍̚͘t̵̡̛̘̲͈̃̃ͥ͆̊ͅͅơ̻̱͈͂ͣ̏ͮ ̵̲̰͙̩͈̘̓̾̑̐ͭ̇͡t̨̳̮̖̥ͤ̂̆ͮ͗ͥͯ͜͡h̡̘̝͎̥̺͋͋ͣ̑͊ͧͧ̅͟e͂̇ͫ҉̼̳̺͓̬̭̙̝̩́͞ ͒̈́ͬ̐҉̠̠̫̪̙͚̪s̡̠̠̲͛͆ͦ́ẗ̶̩͎̜̤́̂̑̓͂ͮ̓͆̚͜o̓̈́͋̋̎̚͏̷̲͍ͅȓ̨̬̩̗̙̅̒ͯ̓͛̀ͩ̎͠͞yͤͤ̈́̓̄́̾͒ͦ̕͏̫̮̭̫̻̬͙͓ ̨͈̹̗̱̓̒ͮ̕oͤͤͤ͊͏̭̥̱̤͉͚͓̦fͪ̓ͮ́ͣ̿ͬ̚҉͈̮͢ ͎̖͓͕̤̖̍̀̉ͫ̚tͯ̂͊̅͏̛̯̱ͅĥ̸̨̭͖̂̇̉ͣ̓ͥẻ͓̺̝̱̮͎̭͌͆ͮ́ ̨̠̮̼͎̼̲̤̏͋ͮ̅́S̢̺͉͖̖͈̙ͭ̅̋͝m͈̼͈̓ͦ͆ͧ̆ͩ͌͗i̢̳̝ͮ͐̌t͚̠͓̘̦̦̞͐ͧ̇͗ͣ͐̀͘h̴̛͕͈̖̩̙̗̬ͯͭ͊̋͜w̷̖̹ͮ̽̄̎͗̐͆̒̀i̶̘̳̠͕̰̋́̕͝ç̴͕̯̯̹̪̲̘̩̂̒͆ͯ̆̀ͩ̚ķ̷̴̞̝̠̺͗̎ͫ ̷̟̬̇̽͐̀̓̊H̞͔̗̯̹̻͇̣ͦ̆ͦo͈͐̅̔̆͐́u̥̜̩͛͒s̶̷̝̮̣̥͙͇͇̃ͬ͐͗͒ͣ́ͧ͋e̢̺̹̣̅ͥ͑̿̇̓ͪ͊͘͞.̶̞͙͍̙ͤ̓̊͢ ̿͟͏̡͎T̺̼̳̰̰̖̅̏ͯ̆͝h̡͊͐͏̳̲͓͈͍̲̪̲e̷̛̤̮̪̤͈͈͐̉͛̆ͣs̴͈͓̘̺̞̞̦̽͐̃̃̎̋e̊̋̾҉̮͙͚͍͍̫̖̩̀̕ ̡̜̳̞͔̲͍̮̦̌ơ̦͈̗̭̜̅n̷̼͎̜̜̘͉̺̝̐̾͘e̤̟̤ͪ͊ͪͭ͜͟-̢̡̓̍̋ͣͤ̐҉̝̰̮̦̫̠͍ͅȯ̙͉̫̺̻͛ͫ̔̐̚͞f̧̛̩̻̩͖ͥ̍̍ͮ͑͛f̸̨͕̱̦̮̀̌̾ͥ͂ͧ̊̚ ̨̘͙̺͍͈̠ͭͫ̈́̌͂́ͅd̷̵̞͔͉ͦ̈e͗̈͂҉͈͔̩̼̤̤͠ͅp̥ͨ͆̽̂ͣͬ̀͟ͅą̲̼̟͇̲͙̮̉̇͛̓̐̐̐ͪ̕r͐ͬ̆͏̺̟͘͝t̳̠̖̹̪͂̈̂̓̀ͅų̜͇̩̜̫͔̿̍ͨ̀ͥ͂̿ŗ̹͖͔̬͚̘̳͔̉̋͂̅̏̂́ë̛̟͖̫̤̱̮̦͇́̍̓ͥ͝ ̡͈̬͓̹͇̻̮̦͋̈̿̕ę̼͎̳̆̉͋̎ͧ̇̃̕p̩̟̖̾̀͋ͩͩ͌͂́͘i̡̧̮̲͕ͮ̉͛́̂ͥ͋ͣṣ̵̞̝͍̹͉̰̅ͭ̎̓̾̚͡ơ̙͙̼̩͓̪̙̤̯ͦ̄̿̈̅ͧ̐ͤd̳̥̼̘̉è͙͔̗͚̭̞͉̿̊ͮͫ̂̂͆̚s̘͖̩̪̙̙͚͆̐ͦ̇̆̋ ̤̻̦̞̘͖̬͎͉ͩͭͬͥ̄ą̝ͪ̏͛r̢͙̺͚̺̖ͯ͐̋̑͝ͅȇ̗̬̭̩̤̘̻ͦ̾̌ͯ̀ ̗͇̦̖̪͙̪ͧ͆̓̐͋̓̉̕͞s̶̖̬̟͆̃̒ͭ̀͌ͯ̕͡o̧̘͓̲̭̜̊̎̾͟͜mͭ̉̈̑̏ͩ̀͏̲̱̼̯͔e̴̡̡̲̦̹̝̙̪̞̝̊͌̔̑̃̅͑ͫ ̵̨̤̩̮̗̜̫̰̫ͥ̊͗͐͂͗́ǒ̩̪̬͍ͯ́͝ͅf̵̨̢͖̱͚̳̰̮͉̳͌ͮ̔̋ͤ ̻̞͎̳̥͂̃̊͗ͭ̔̆̕m̴͍͕̹̈̑ͤ̍̾͑̇y̞͉͔̱ͮ ̞̻̼͕̈ͪ̕͟f̶̹̖̝̙͖͌̉́a̹̺͌ͫ̇v̸̲̺̤̠͆ͯͦơ̱̠ͯȑ͋̀҉͔͚̙̟̱̪i̴̞͇̻̳ͮ̉̽̌̄͊͒̔̕t̙͈̪̦ͩ̍͂ę̱̦̣̰͇̝̱̯͓̊̾ͪͤ̋̈͝ș͈̘̭̟̣̈́̎̐̋̆͌̀͢:̯͂ͤ̾ͭ̓̾̕ ͮ̔҉̶̣̺̣͓̤̫͜”ͨͭ̏ͦ͆ͪ̎ͤ͏̙̖͙̤T͖͕̗̼̯̝̬ͮ̋̐̒̈́̔ͯh̲̗͍̓ͣ̅ͨͭ͘͠į̞̝̳͔̙̜͚̾ͩͅs̥̗͕̦̰͈̅ͭͨ͑ͨ̉̕ ̷͙̥͉̪̂̆̋͑I̝̜͓̰͚̠ͩͯ͋̽š̬̱̲͖̒͢ ̧̧̤̯̮̣͓̼ͤͭa̸͚̦̺͇̘͓ͧͣ͂͑̉ͭͯͧ͌͞ ̷̵̜͎̯̩̳̗ͩ̃͐̔ͦ͂ͬͬŠ̸̸̻̙̱͌͠ṱ̪̪̪̼ͩ͂o̧̰͉͂̑͑̕͠r̩̦̮ͫ̈̏̊͒̅ͩy̳̫̖͚̺̓ͬ̓ͩ̓͋ͪ͘͢ ̰̫̦̜̓͑͛͊̀̊̈̚̕A̸͎͙̺̻̜͚͆͢͟b̴̭̖̯͇̳̯̬͋ͯ̈ͩ̅ͩoͪ͏̞ͅǘ̏̎ͤ͝҉̤͖̫͍̣̰̦̮ţ͓̹̠̺̙̪͎̏̇͆̃͋̕ ̶͎̹͖͔̹̃͌͡Y̰̮̱̼̞̎̆͋̇ͥ̑̓̚o̷̩̳̻̼̱͍̅̓̑͂̌̊ͯ͒̓u̸̧̹̝̘͈͆̉̌̾͒”̡͇̥̻͇̩ͨͯ̇͊̓ͅ ͈̜̼̦̜͔̯̯̮̀ͪͮ̓ͩ͆͋͠iͬ͒ͪ͛͝҉̞̭̮s̩̖̠̙͈ͩ̽ͫ͛͑̉ ̡̦͕̝͕̥̩̣̥ͪ̌ͮ̌̊͂̆̈́͢a̧͍̣̗̮̬̦ͪͤ̋͊͢bͪͬ̿̄́͠҉̘̰ͅs͈͖̞̬̘̾̔͑̕ő̸̢̮͍̩̳̦̠͙͎͉̾͟l̶͇̯͈̤̦̪̮̬ͣ̏͂̓͞u͓̟̼ͣ̿̇ͩͮ͞t̵̛̪̘̠̆ͪͤ̂͛̉e̸̢̝̘̯̒̋͆̍͡l̝̙̗̭ͦ́ͅy̸̗̥̜̩͕̬̳͌̓͛̎͋̽͝ ͐ͨ̑̍͂ͬ͏̬̱͙i͚̣̙̩̭̫͍͕̜͗̑̈̃̃̕ṇ̙͕̻͖̞̖ͩ ̟̥̙̤͑̀ͩ͋m̱̠̍̆̋̃̊̅̅̚͟y̸͈̯̲̖̺̪̺͎̏̄͛́ͪ͐̒̐ ̸̡͖͎̊͌̅̏͋ͥͧͣ͑ṭ̵̙̯̙ͥ̽ͨ̎ͨ̌̈́o͂͑̎́̊͒ͮ̚͏͔͙̮̩̻͡ͅp̸̡̖͚̭̙̬̻͗͑ͦͪ̉̆͌͟ ͪ̃͊ͣͧ́͘͏̹̭͕̺̼̘̰̖̠1̛̰̬̿͆0̪̤̹͇̖͙̘̾̀͆͊͜ͅ ̨̖̲̙̎ͧ̈ͥ́͂̿̽͘N̡̽ͩ͌̋̇̃̎̆҉̴͍̭͈ǐ̷̝̲̼̘̝̋͊̀͡g͕̞̈́͒͒̒̽ḫ̠̜̲̳̗̏̋̾͢t̠̘͚̣̰̦̺͕̹̄ͩ͗ͭͧͯͭ̍ ̶̜̠͗̒V̬̖̼͍͖̝̈́ͫ̈́͞a̵͉̤͉̙͓̮̬̦̅ͯ͂ͧͤ́ͩ̚l̛͇̱̖̜̿̕ë̛͖͉̺̰͇̰́̑ͩ͂̿͋̄̑ ͍̘̻̓̒̐ͤ͌͛̀̇͡ḛ̸̤͎͔̖͔͙͛̋ͦͦ͘p̴̶̡͂͑̃̿̽ͅị̛͎̥̫ͮͪs̖̙̫̳͍͛̓ͬ͑̍ͅo͈̖̞̓ͭ͒ͧ̾̀͆ḑ̶̼̩̗̜̲̂̉̅̽ͤe̡̛̥̱̤̝͇̜̰̘͆̽ͭ͑ş͈͔̗͇͇̘̏̈́ͬ̾̉ͤ͆̀.͚͔͕̒̓̌ͩͭ̈́͊ ̯̱̥͖̙̦ͩ̌̎͌͗́́T̨̘͈͎̝̣̖̽ͮ͛ͤ̽̐͝h̜͉̉̆ͨ͊̒̔e̷͍̬͖͉ͮͮͬ̑̈̐ͩ͝ ̤͖͖̟͚̭͇̳ͤ̽̔̐̒b̬͉̯̼͑̍͌̆ͥ̔̓̀̏e̞̺͓̟̗̮͔̓ͥͨ̐ͬ̀͝ͅd̵̫̩̬ͫ̒͒̀̚͡ ̬̻͉̱̾̆̋ͯ̄̚m̶̝̖̲͈͚̟̣͎̿̅̿̈́͊̄͠u̿̈̋́͑́҉̬̰̬ͅs̶̡̠̦͙͈̫̦̬̃͛̍ĭͥ̉̃̒̍̄̏҉̱̖̳͈̹̯ç̹̹̬͓̔̒̓ͯ͂̅ͮͫ͟ ̴͚̪̣͇̲̪̩͍̩̃͆̚iͫ͛͗̓̑҉̶͍͔n̷̗̱̪̯͚͗̇̑͘ ̵̢̪͓̳̤̄ͨͣ̏͋ͬṱ͐͌͂̽͗̓ͥh̞̙̭̰̗̍͊͝i̹̥̯̩͓͖ͪͤ̋͂͋͆͌͐̄͠ͅs̨͔͙̰̘̩̼͉ͩͫͯ̕͡ ̴̡̞̦̔ͫͦ̄ͯ̚e̶͔͕̦͉͉̫̰̘̲̍̔̿̓ͮ͗̋͆͂͞p̶̗̳̰͈̗͉̑i̢̦͇̤͓͓̇͊̇̑̔̄ͧ̍͜͟ș̩̰̯͖̈́͒̾̂͑͑ͦo̴͓͔̯̬̟̖͗̎̚͝ͅd̷̥̙̗̣̫̖ͧ̿͘e̡̡̝̫̥̮͔͓͌ ̶̸̡̘̬̇ͯ̂̄̍w̵̬̟̦̺̥̰͙̪̘̓̉̽́á̴̤̮̦̟̼̲̦͔̃s̤͎͎̍ͦ̽́̉ ͕̙͎̳̠̫̬͗̿͆̐͑̇ͣ͂͢ḻ̡̙̭̰̥̈̿o̧̡̩̳̗̔́̚͡v̄ͭ͏̷̘͕̟̱̦̣e̡̛̠̘̞̹̰ͩ͑̒l̷̛̳͊̌̿ͨ̉ͧ̌͠y̵͈͎͉̥̜̐̔;̫̝͊̄ͣ͌ͩ͜ ͎̟͙̼̫ͤ̂̆͊́̿̍į̴͎̞͓ͨͪͫ͛͐̍t̴̨͖̫̥̖̙̼͎̥ͫͪ̈ ̢͈̰̙͓̟̖ͩ̓͊ͯ́͢e̘̻̽ͫv̝̼̺̗͕̠̳̙ͬ͑͋ͨ͒̐̚͝õ̭̙͕͆͋ͧk̵̹̥̣̭̪̼̎ͣͯ͊͐͐̑ȩ̝͕̠̳̤̺̫͎͛́ͮ̃̌̈́d̢̮̻̓̓͌̋̋̏ͫ͜ ͙̹̻͈͔̇͆̕͢t̥́̋ͯ̇͌͂ͯh͙͇ͨͭ̀̐̂̏ͬ͌ͬ͟e̜̰̹̮̱̅͊̔͂ ̵͔͓͖̑ͣ̿̅͊̾̽̀͑͞͡c̰̳̳̜͍͑ͨ̍͌̆͡l͙̭͈͙̟͍̳̘̓ͧ̐ͭ͡a̡̨̜͎̱̗̞͔̮̺͖͌ͣͨ͋̓̓̍̓s̭̺̰̪̤̭̙̞̓̉̿̊ͪ̿s̵͉͇͍͍̎̀͊͌ͤͪͨ͑̕͡i̠͓͉̎͆ͤ͡c̞̼̗̯̪̤̩̜̒͌ͅ ̴̬͎̳̖̺̦̦̔̄͛̂̎̃͞͠N̵̰̰͖̣͔͉̍̓̔͒͐i̓ͭ͏̤gͧ̍͏̺̲hͧ̾̌҉̜͉̭̩̞̫͟͞t̵̤͈̺͖̜̮ͥ͛̾̅̚͡ ̢̟́͋̃͊̋ͪ́V̸̵̯͓̞͚ͧ͒̉a͙̫̠̘̯̿͊ͨ̍̋͌͘l̴̶̰̗̙̳͕̲ͩ͒̃̋ͭ͒̌̅͡ė̽҉͚͎̦̕ ̨̩̞̹͍ͬ̉͘f̫̠̞͖̦̖͇̀̽͗ͥ͌͌̓͢͠e̻͎̰̮̹̲̯̱ͤ͆͜͝e̡̝͔͖ͫ͌͋̈́̍̍̉͊̽l̗̭͙̬̱̉̾ͯͅi̱̖ͦ̃͛̍͟͡n̳͍̺̻̝̺̦̱̋̃̈͌͛ͩ̌͜g̜̻̦̳̓̂̚,̼̠̗ͪ̆̐̆̈́ͣ̔͟ ̛͈̳̝͓̤͈͉̳ͣͭ̂ͬͨ͝b̵̧̥̯̋̊u͙̦͔̙͋̑͛̾͢t̥̥̒̊ͯͮͧ̔̆̚͟͢ ̶̨̧̞̣ͮ͒ͪͬͤm̷̮̠̫̫ͬa̛̮͙͈̰͎̥̓ͮ́̈̚͘͝i̶̶̲͇̬͍̘̞͌̒͌̃͟n͙̯̮̪̣͆̓̑̃ͫ͋̕͢ͅt̶̡̖̰̙͇̽͘ḁ̶̯͉̩̜͈ͧͪ̓̔͐̆̃́͝i̥̣̯͕̻̟͉̼͆̃n̶̢̛͑͒͗͛ͯ̃ͧ̚ͅe̻̫͖̻ͣ͠͠d͓̾̋̀͟ ̦͐̀͡i͇ͨ͊̅͟͝t̸͙̘͇̲͙ͥ̿͋̈́̋̄̆̋ṡ̸̮͉̻͊̀͘ ̨̺͎͈͓̥̰͇ͮ͑̈̓ͥ̄͘ǫ̖̰̥̬̝̹̝͚ͩ̄͛̀̏̃ͥ̍w̡̞̠̘̘̯ͬ̃ͣ͘n̼͇̱̫̭͉̘͋̑̐̎̅͌̆͋ ̵̝͉̮͉̬̈͛ͯ̍͋͆́́t̊̇ͯͭ̍̐̚҉̨̡͕̱o̺̳̣̟̤̒̌ͫ͌̓̒͜͞n̷̠̮͗̽͌̃̔ͫͮͩ́e̘̬̬̣̞̮̠͇̦͌̄ ͙̖̪̘̌ͩ̐̅͜͜a̵̔̓̾̾̕͏̳͙͉͍̺n̵̦̠͙̫̙̱ͦ̒̎d̰͔͇̥̠ͣ̑͛́̀͜ ̲̽̉̐̋ͫ̑͛͘͡s̼͈͈̬̓ͩ͆͗̑͟͟t̓̆͗̚҉̗̩̩͎͔̮̥ͅy̗̖ͮ͗̄̃͂̄͛̚l̗̻͙̰̦͚̟̫̖ͨ̒ͥͪ̒ͬ̊̀͢ẽ̷̟̳͇͕̔ͅ ̯̄̎̐̌͒ͯ̇̄͘ͅf̨̟͚̩̘͙͈͉͓̙̔ͦͨ̽͜o̯ͫ͌̿̃̌͡͠r͓̥͚̞̍ͩ̓̏ͫ̍̅̂̿͘͝͠ ̜̰̝̮̯̪̝̺̣̄̊̋̂̓ͪt̴͍̫̦̝͓ͥͫͨ̉̈͟͠ͅh͍̗̯̘̤͙͈̠͐̂̔̐ͮ͑͒̕̕e̮̥͙̰̥̞̳̳ͯ͆͆́ ̦̘̙ͨ̊̃ͅS̡͓̝̠̭͖ͨ̔ͩ̐̊m̧͈̻̤̹̫͗̈́͆̏͒̈͢i̳̰̞̟̺̰̊͂ͣ̈́͆̋t͕͙͕͚̮͎͛̌̏̀͠c̏̿̏͢͏̠̭͍͕̻̘̼ͅḧ̴̫́̐̐ͨ̔ͩ͗̇͡ẁ̡͚̠͈̫͟͞i̧̨̲͍̗̙͍̼ͮ́̎̽ͯ̚c̷̛͎͉̀̎̇ͥk̡̰̭͉͎̈ͤ̄ͭͥ̈͋̌̚ ͈̥̄̀ͥ̇̓͡H̴͓̞̜͚̟͗͑̒́ọ͖̖̀͆ư̴̟̺̑̇̐̔̊͒̃ͧs̴̵͚͎̏͝ȅ̞̫́ͣͧͨͪ̾̿͢ ̰̯͈̤̺͐͛͢ŝ͖͔͎̓͒͗͋̒e̱̼͍̘͖̞ͤͩ̋̍g̵̖͕͍͈̬̅͗̎̓̆̊ͣm̶͎̰̳͉͔̉͆ͧ̅́ͅẽ̛͍͉͕̭̤͓̥̖̠̈́͐̈́͊ͬ̚n̞͙̼̅͛ͪͤ͒͒͡ͅt̸̷̨̬̤̣̗͍̤̩͆̃s̴̸͈̜̮̖̥̈́̌̈́̀ͯͪ̊̓̿.̰̞̪͉̥̻ͯ̓ͯ̏ ̡̙̮̪̱̩̰͈̮̒̈́̐ͅO̓̋̾̓̚͘͟҉̹̗̝̜̟͕͙ͅv̛̱̱̞͑͂͆͆e̢̹͚̣̩̤̩̠̠͋̄̑͜r̨̠̘̺̭ͦ͌̀a͒͛̐͊̋̃́͞҉̳͎͎̺̝͖̗l̷̝̦̬͍̈́̔̂ͮ̐ͨ̈̇l̩̝̝̭͊͋̓̌͌̕,̸̨̯̘̰̣͔͍̟͛͆̅̓ͨ͐ͬ̒ͅ ̧͚̣͓̣̜̫̼̼͉̅̓̄͊̋͂̚̚͟ỏ̵̺̥̫̺̊͐́̏ͧͯ̃͘n̂͊ͧͧ̋͋͏͏̣̣̟̞̼̪e̸̜͉͚ͭͪ̽ͭ͘͟ ̽̈́̽ͦͥ̑͂͒҉̭͕̞͈͖oͪͯͤ̈̈͏̱͔̣̤f̢̩̹̩̍ ͛ͭ̊̌ͫ͐̈ͧ͏͉͙̘͇͔̠t̠̜͌̾h̷̤̦̬̹͔ͦ̅̎̾̑́͘e͇͓̊̒ͩͫͨͤ̏ ̝̞̟̦̼̓͘b̢͈̟̳͇͕̞̥͈̎͐͊̓̄͐͂̇͡ͅe̺̣͂͂̎̉̆t̥̪͔̝̟ͫ͂ͣͩ̅t̪͎̞͍͇̹͕̿̇͗́̕é̠̺̪̜̌ͣr̷ͮͤ͋̿ͫ͒͘҉̯̟̯ ͍̫̟̳̟̯̐͐̈͡ͅNͤ̀̌̽̍́̏̊̈́҉͇͖͇͕͎̹͜į̳̱͔̠̌̈͆͠g͔̩̭̠̀́̿̚h͂ͩ͏̢̗̳̲̀t̶̖̖̼͗̾̽̈́͛̄ͅ ̨̻͈̟̮̳̩̩̻̔̾̔̈́͊̀ͣ͢V͍̈͌̔̑a̸̬̙̤͇̬͛ͬ͡l̶̢̦͎͚̮̣̖̞̟̤̂͒̐̋e͖̠͖͈̠ͬ̔̀̈͢ ̬͎̰̖̙͑̏ͅe̟̩̤̩͒ͧ͑͡ṕ͖̺̞̱̔͂̀i̞̼̖̖͚̗ͫͣs̠̞̬̗ͦ̉ͦ̽̊ͧ̋̀͢o̶͉͍̹͙͎̞͊ͥ͆̈́̊ͮ̍ḏ̙̩̪͓̳͋̄ͬ͐͊ͯͥ̚e̶͓̼̺̱̯̻̰̣̅͋ͭ̐̍͠s̬̰ͣ́͗̆̎ͬͪ̿ ̵̛̝͈̰̺́̽͛ͧ͒ͧͪI̴ͮ͛̅ͤͯ̅ͧ҉̰̺’̽̀̎̿́̃͏͉̺͚̲͍̥͖v̊ͤ͆́͋̉͑҉͏̱̺̣̠͎͇͔é̢͇͆ ̧̩̲̝̩̦̓̆̈̿ͥ̐́ͅhͮ̒͗́̃̆ͧͩ͘҉͎̠͈̱͔͎̗ͅę̪̪͓̬̖͎ͤͯ̿ͮͯ̾̏͝͞a͙̘̱̼͑̏ͤ̄̌ͯ̂͠ṟ̶̥̂̅̅͑̽ͭ͡d̛̗̤͇͕̜̫͚͚͊́̋̿͛̓̎́͢͟ ̰͔̞͊̐͛̍̀͢r̶̺͖̤̞̖ͩ̍ę̧̱̱̠̩̽ͦ̇̋ͪc̷͉̮̫̥̊̊̅͠e̤̮ͩ̅̍̒n̹͔͔͖ͦ̎͘͜t̨̮̣̬̣̺̲̓͂̿ͫ̚͠l̯̃͛ͫ̓̚̚͞ỳ̵͕͎̠̮̱ͪ̇͘ ̡͙̲̹̐ͦ͗ä̦̙̳̜͚̭́ͮͮ̀̀͡f̱̮̱̯̭̼̟̙̑́͑̄̎̃ͥ͝t̸̬̤̥͓̻̯̪̯̖ͯ͜è̹͎͙̦̑̍̋r̛̬̺̬̪͕ͯ̄͊͋͗ͧ̓̅͢͟ ̙̱͖͑̋ͥ̎̍͗̐ͬ̚͘à̵̫̞̠͓ͭͥ̍ ̻̰̫̠͓́ͯͨ̂̏͗l̆ͤ̈́͊͢͏͈o̺̲̖̳ͪ̍͌ͅn̴̴̡͎͇͚̯͓͛̂̄͆̂g̎͆ͦ̒ͭ͑̔̚͜҉̜͕͕̣͎ ̵̛̟̋͊̂ͯ͂̾͌ͬͨs̶̘̘̯̽̄̌̈p̸̩͉̼͓̘̲̍̄̃ͫ͠e̫̺͉͚̦̭̍̈̄ͫ͑̈́͠l̼̱͎̠̻ͪ̇͗l̷̷̷̫̤̤̟̞͇̦̪̽͊̂̆͊̇̓ͩͫ ̛͖̞̻̑ͦ̑ͬ͐̐͑͜ǫ̜̭͖͕͉̥ͤ̕f̩̙̂ͤͨͅ ̶̷̯͕̟̰͇̫̫̐̓͊͌ͦ͢d̻̮͙͇̻͇͙̘ͭ͛͗̔̔̔̀͝͝i̺͉̰̻̳̦ͯ̔̅̉̔͛̚͟s͕̻̫̣̝̘͕̝̟ͤ̏̏̽͂a̷̫̰̮̔͒p̶̶̛̫̜̖̣͙̋̈̔p̬͖͕̖͆̊̈̓̅ͨ͠ȍ̸̡ͬͥͤ̉́́̈͏͕̹̹̮̺̹ḭ͇̖̊ͭ̈́̑͌̏̈̚ͅn̜̻̻̮̗̩͂͒̄ͤ͛̀̊t͔̻͎͓̞̆̔̈͋͢ḭ̜̹͎͖ͨͮ̏́͘ͅn̸̟͎̤ͤͤ͂͂̅ǵ̫̻ ̴̶̳͙̼̰̞̬̓ͭͨͤ̒͐̓ͤ̋ͅe̛̹͙̪͚ͪ͐͠p̸̢̼̩̻̔i̷͈̗̥̬̤ͤ̓̊̊ͤ͐͢s̟͖̈̂̐̑͘͜ͅö͎̪͇̤́̓d̈ͧ͌͑ͣ̀͏̻͉ȇ̱̤̣̬͕̯̖͛͞s̭̱̋͌̿̓̑́͘.̬̯͍͆̍̀͒̑ͯͣ̈́ ̯̰͔͊͞Hͦͧ̉̉̓͏̶̹̥̲͚͎̯͈͟ő̮̙͇̳͉̦͓͊͋̏ͥͬ̂p̶̨̠̤̰̯̭͛ͭ̈́̃̿ͫͫͅe͖̳̞̽̊͋͂͡f̴̺̗̰͙̟̓̋͊ͧͯ͂͑̀u̸̵͙̻̩̹̹̯̥̗̇͠ͅl̡̬̤ͫͦͪl̥̟͎̗̞̣͊ͧͩ͑̑ͭ́y̵̯̦͖͇̪̦̙͆͋ͯͪͭ̅͞ ͔͇͎̳̗̤̤̱̱̋̇ͭ̾̚͞͠N̖̰̘͖̟̙̖͚̋͂̋͛̂̄͋̃̀́͘î̷̧̑̑ͬ҉̪͕̗̻͈̤̣̙g̨̛͓̪͕̮̲̻̹̬̅͌̓ͥ̐̔͛́ḣ̴̘̻̖̼̥̺̳̻̓ͣ̔̄̌ͯ̔̔t̂̋̑̈́ͥ̋̚҉͓̳͓ ̶̯̹̰̪̞͖̣͇ͭ͋̓͠Ṽ̙̼̈́̋̈̈́̇̂̂ͩa̤͕͖̣̦̩̩̍͡l̢̹̣̱̠͖̠͚̲̗̇̇̿ͥͤe̬̱̠̟̯͔̹ͣ͂̎͘ͅ ̴̨͇͖͕̆͂̐ͦͮ̈̾i̜̯͙̾ͩs̓͂̅̉́ͦ̚͏̢̲̤͇̠̘̮̞ ͎͔͔̹̝̑̀ͅb̨̥ͫ͗ͦ͠a̷͖̩̻̙̯͔̠͋̐̏́ͅç͖̫̺͒̎̓̀k̴̛̯̹̗͇̪̞̈͌ͫͧͯͧ̽ ̑̂̊ͨͦ͏̥͓̹t̛ͭ͞҉̖͈̼̩ó͔̼̦͕͍͎̽ ͔̫͈̚̕͝å͇͉͔̫̪̊̑͆̒̉̔n͚ͥ͗̊̀ ̤̺̙̼̙͈̈́̔͘u̿͏̬͇̥͖̝p͕̋̔ͬ̒ͭͅs̵̘͔͎͔̮̰̑̽͟ͅͅw̙͐ͮ͝ǐ̶̜͈ͬ̃͐͐̌̾ͣ́ņ̢̖̹̗͈̠̞̋ͤ̌͆̿̎̿g̴̷̛̪̖̝̊̐̉̋͌͆̆ͮ ͮ̉͌̔͘҉̶͈̖͖̥w̰͖͑̂̉i̖̩̦͓̪͕͇̦̐ͧ̎͘͟ͅtͪ͐͏̢͕̯̥̳͓̕ẖ̛̩͉̽ͯ͟ ̂̄̏͘͡͏͉̱̮̥̘̳t̜̰̞͓̹͇̗̄ͥh͉̩̃̆̎͊i̫̫͔͖͚̝̙̖͉̅̓̀͘sͥͩ̓͒ͥ̍͞҉͍͚̰̰̲̯ͅ ̮̳̫̬͔̻̟̫̿̏ͧͥͬ͌͜͝e̹̥̳̣͔͎̯͚̅ͭ̊̚p̡̼͔͖̫̙̰͙̖̅̅̎ͦ̓͝ĩ̢̤̲̙̘̬̘̗͇͌̅̓̈ͨ̋s͋̓͒̒҉̣̫̲͍̼͓̠o͈̝̼͔͚̼̬̳͛̂͟d̠̜̘̙̲̤̳̻ͮͩ̋̑͐̽ẽ͙͓̯͎̥̝͎͓̑̑̇̽ͫͧͅ.̷̨̗̝̻̙̤̔ͬ

Saturday, 4/1/17

This American Life
“#613: OK, I’ll Do It”

For an episode that begins with a story on someone administering an appendectomy on himself, this certainly was a dull episode. The host of each story had the same apathetic droll, making the show feel both disrespectful for the people being discussed and incredibly monotonous. I tuned out several times, even with the content being so intense.

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