Podcast Help Wanted Listings

This page is for podcasters to advertise for actors, producers, editors, guests, etc. It should be noted that while these are basically help wanted ads, no podcast pays for its posting here.

This page will only be edited as I receive more listings. Be sure to check the dates on each listing to make sure they haven’t lapsed–and if they have, feel free to hit me up using my contact page or on Twitter.

For your wanted ad to be listed, please use my contact page. Feel free to include any links, relevant dates, etc.

Casting Call for The Once and Future Nerd

Award-winning scripted Fantasy Adventure podcast THE ONCE AND FUTURE NERD is looking to cast two Indigenous voice actors for its upcoming chapter and beyond.

CHARACTER A is a 16yo woman, strong-willed and independent bordering on arrogant, but very smart with a knack for learning and technology. (Actors must be 18+ to audition.)

CHARACTER B is a woman in her late 50’s, dependable pillar of her community, occasionally irreverent but cares deeply about raising the next generation of leaders. (Actors 50+ preferred but all ages will be considered.)

For both roles, Great Plains/Canadian Prairies identities are preferred but actors of any Indigenous identity will be considered. You must either be able to come record with us in NYC OR have a home recording setup of your own. Total time commitment for this chapter will a few (<5) hours of recording.

If you think this is for you, please email iordic.princes at gmail dot com with interest or inquiries, subject line “Chapter 5 Casting.”

Path of the Miriam Casting /Crew Call

Captain of the science vessel Miriam, Reni Alders deserted the military five years ago. Now, after years of searching, she thinks she’s found a map that could give her answers about her parents disappearance. There’s just one snag- this map comes with a catch: a young female human named Nym. Reni is forced to deal with a nuisance she never asked for, and Nym must learn to navigate the Miriam’s unique crew.


Unpaid for the foreseeable future. A patreon will be opened and should it make enough, compensation might be possible eventually. HOWEVER you should be prepared and eager to simply be involved in the project for fun.

Looking for:

Cast and crew who love audio dramas/ podcasts and have always wanted to be in one for fun.

All cast and crew must be at least 18 years old. If auditioning for a role, you do not have to be the same age as your character, as long as you can convincingly portray their age.


Musician: Someone who can create opening and closing music for the podcast, as well as potentially a couple of in world songs.

Writers: Dedicated and reliable writers to help write episodes.

If interested in either, please email inkstainprod@gmail.com with a sample of your work


People of every color, gender, and sexuality are encouraged to audition. You can audition for more than one role.

(See doc for audition information)

CASTING CALL: Station to Station

ANABELLE is an American woman in her mid 20s to 30s living in the UK, who is grappling with the feeling of having forgotten something. Or someone?

Requirements: A microphone of Blue Snowball quality or better; weekend morning availability in December and January (typically around 10 a.m. Eastern time and we won’t record over winter holidays).

Compensation: $15 USD/hour

To audition, please submit up to three takes of Anabelle’s lines to procyonpodcastnetwork@gmail.com with the subject: “Anabelle audition – [Your Name].” Please also include your timezone and any previous podcast experience you’d like to highlight (not required).

Auditions close Sunday, Nov. 18 at noon Pacific time.

(See site for more information)

Seeking: Sound Design Editor for Audio Drama

“Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services” is an ongoing modern fantasy audio drama entering its second season. The project would be for sound design for 13 episodes through the second season (January 2019-August 2019) and 13 episodes in the third season (January 2020-August 2020). Each episode is about 15-30 minutes in length.

Since the first season has already been produced, I would like to work with an editor who can match and improve upon the tone/style of the story to date.

Editing expectations are as follows:
– Align pre-edited dialogue/voice recordings (sound clips from actors will be pre-edited by producer for best takes) with script.
– Add intro/outro recordings with provided theme music.
– Sound effects as noted in scripts.
– Music to fit tone of scenes (editor to work with producer to select music styles).
– Submit to producer in .wav format or Audacity project files for feedback and revisions.

Budget: $100-$150 per 15-30min episode, additional hours for revisions will be billed $30 per hour. Wages can also be discussed upon selection.

For consideration, please submit a resume and sample work, as well as a short description of how you might improve the sound design of the show to kalilastormfire@gmail.com. I encourage those with diverse and nontraditional experience to apply.

For an example clip, please listen to the following short episode:

Casting Call: The Godshead Incidental

The Godshead Incidental is a full-cast audio drama about a reluctantly intrepid advice columnist and the letter she didn’t answer in Godshead, a city of 130,000 people, one million pigeons, and countless gods that may or may not exist. We are casting for our first season, which will be eight 20–40 minute episodes. Recording is anticipated to begin in winter 2018–2019 but the schedule is subject to revision.

Chicago-area actors who can record locally are preferred, but we will consider remote actors provided they can record professional quality audio.

Race for all characters is unspecified. Nationality for all characters is American, with the idea that ‘American’ can mean a lot of things. Nonbinary actors, trans actors, queer actors, and actors of color are encouraged to audition. For some roles, we may be open to altering a character’s pronouns.

Actors may audition for multiple roles. In addition, actors may be cast for roles not listed here. All positions are paid.

To audition, please email mp3s of 1 to 3 takes of a character’s sides to godsheadincidental@gmail.com. Please include “audition” in the subject line and note in the body of the message which role(s) you are auditioning for, as well as whether you would be recording locally or remotely. If you intend to record remotely, please use the recording setup that you would use for the episodes themselves. While previous acting experience is not required, actors are encouraged to submit reels or brief samples of their work (audio or video) if available.

Our priority deadline is November 15th, 2018.

(See site for full details)

Casting Call: Tides

Dr. Ricardo Martinez, ship’s medical doctor, man (open to cis, trans, and masc nb actors), Latino (open to all accents), 30s – 40s. An enthusiastic amature beekeeper who really loves his bees and is very sad to leave them to go to space. The medical doctor on a ship with a bunch of academics, he is always trying to convince them to please just take care of themselves.

This is a small but regular role, appearing in 6 episodes in season 2.

This role is paid, at $25 per episode, with possible increases depending on funding.

If interested, please email tidespodcast@gmail.com for the audition script.

Casting Call: Hit the Bricks


Hit the Bricks is looking for voice actors to join us on our journey to Oz. Here are some details about working with us:

Right now we are looking for actors who may be interested in joining the series if crowdfunding should prove successful and we are looking into securing parts so that we may record a teaser or trailer for that crowdfunding campaign.
The series will have a large cast, though no more than half a dozen characters at a time may appear in a single episode, usually.
Please note all parts are paid, though the fee for the trailer will be smaller than the rest of the series.

You must be over 18-years-old, and non-union to audition
. Many roles will be open to any gender identity or race, but some will be written with specific identities in mind (in particular, people of color and people outside the gender binary). As such, we have fields that ask about those identities, but you can put that you prefer not to say if it makes you uncomfortable.
If you live in a major city, such as Los Angeles or New York, we may be able to assist you with recording if you land a role but for the most part, we expect to hire remote actors with their own recording set up. Your audition should be representative of the highest quality you can achieve on your own.

Please send your audition and the completed fields to hitthebrickspod@gmail.com, subject: (YOUR NAME) Hit The Bricks Audition. It is 100% okay if you have no prior experience in audio dramas.



The following is the audition text for Hit the Bricks. You’ll notice instead of lines, we are asking you read a passage from the original Wonderful Wizard of Oz, as we have many characters to cast and some surprises down the road. You are encouraged to show your range, and not just read but perform the parts. We are looking for sincerity above all. You may send us up to three takes of this passage.

(See the site for the audition passage)

Casting call: MOONFACE

Audition Due Date: 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Friday, September 28
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Project Length: 6 episodes, 15-30 minutes (one season)
Recording Location: Los Angeles
Compensation: $50USD per episode for featured actors and $25USD per episode in which an actor’s role is minor
Telling someone the truth is never easy, especially when it’s your mom. Paul has lived with his mom his entire life. He wants to tell her that he’s gay, but the problem is they don’t speak the same language. Paul is a second generation Asian American and can only speak English. His mom, Gina Mi-sook Kim, who immigrated to the United States, can only speak Korean.
MOONFACE is a serialized audio dramedy that tells the story of two people who have known each other their entire lives but have never had an honest conversation with one another. As Paul starts to learn Korean to finally express who he really is to his mother, he realizes that he isn’t the only one who has been holding something back.
If you have your own recording equipment, you can send your audio audition to moonfacepodcast@gmail.com. We will also be holding auditions in person in Los Feliz on Saturday, September 15 if you do not have any recording/audio equipment.
Here are the roles we are auditioning for:
Paul — A 27-year-old second-generation Korean American who is gay and out to his friends, but closeted while living at home with his mom. He’s an aspiring music producer but helps pay the bills by tutoring and serving at a restaurant.
Gina  — Paul’s mother who struggles to communicate with her son, due to both language and cultural barriers. She sacrificed everything to give her son a better life in the United States but is now stuck working two jobs as a cook and she has no one to talk at work and at home. The realization that she is alone weighs down on her.
Shayla — A 27-year-old African American who is Paul’s best friend and also lives with her parents. She has spent all of her life dreaming of becoming a fashion designer but is stuck working as an assistant and is too passive to move up the ladder.
Danny — A 27-year-old Mexican-American who has been Paul’s friend since 3rd grade and who is also gay. He works at a retail store and doesn’t think he’s good enough to become an artist. His constant self-doubt causes him to not try in life.
Ryan — A 35-year-old Caucasian-American who is Paul’s love interests. He works a menial day job but is also trying to be a music producer. He might be more into Paul than Paul is into him.
George — An older gay Asian man who goes to the bars alone every night. He’s a mentor and friend to Paul.
Jackie — Shayla’s mother who works as a civil engineer. She doesn’t mind that her daughter and son live at home with her since they contribute to paying bills and help around the house. But she worries that Shayla is in a rut in her life.

Act Natural Casting Call

Project Overview:

Title: Act Natural

Genre: Speculative fiction

Union/Non-Union: Non-union

Project Length: Multi-season anthology, 6-10 episodes (first season).

Recording Location: Long Beach, CA OR remote

Email: actnaturalpodcast@gmail.com

The Story:

Abducted by extraterrestrials, radio personality Michelle Elwin finds herself captive to the whims of two sinister and inspired creators of an intergalactic podcast series called Act Natural where they casually manipulate the lives of humans in order to tell the universe’s most authentic stories. (Please note, while it isn’t necessarily beholden to any particular sub-genre, the stories will often lean toward horror and deal with a heavy subject matter.)

Audition Notes:

We are recording out of Long Beach, CA and would love to work with actors in studio when possible, but we will also be working with remote performers. All you need is a good quality microphone and an isolated recording space.

Since Act Natural is a small production and will be released for free, compensation cannot be guaranteed; though, we are passionate about the work we do and those we choose to work with. We shall promote the actor’s work outside of this project and any possible revenue from production will go straight to the cast and crew. We will launch a Patreon with the release of the pilot episode.

(See document for more details)

The Ghost Radio Project

GRP roles are unpaid gigs. This is a labor of love. Knoxville-area residents only. Must be over 18 years of age to participate in the podcast.

Please do not apply for roles meant to represent minorities and marginalized groups if you do not share their identity. This means you must be a transgender person to play a trans character, you must be a person of color to play POC characters, you must be an Autistic person to play an Autistic character, etc.

If race is not specified in the role description, that does not mean the character is therefore white  — in The Ghost Radio Project, white is not a “default.”  Representation is very important to us. We want our cast to reflect real life and all the diversity therein. So, if you think you could play the character, please audition! No past acting experience is required.


[Visit the site linked above and] Click a gender above to view available roles and apply. Alternatively, you may email theghostradioproject@gmail.com and let us know which role you are interested in to start the audition process. We will send you an audition script, and you will send us a quick video or audio audition. Please apply NOW, as our roles tend to fill very quickly. The first person to nail it gets the role, so make sure you’re at the top of the list by applying sooner rather than later.

  • News Anchor: Play a professional news anchor who works for the national news. All ages (18+) and identities are needed Should be able to do the monotone news-style voice.
  • Preacher: Fire-and-brimstone preacher out in the middle of the desert. Male, should sound between age 40 and 60. Few lines, but lines are very intense. Meant to sound haunting, eerie, a little scary. Lots of yelling. High-energy role. Race not specified.
  • Soldiers: Seeking multiple actors to play soldiers in the U.S. Army who patrol the Outlands and send out various military communications. All ages (18+) and identities are needed for these roles!
  • Farmers, homesteaders, and other outlanders: Play one of the many amazing people who manage to survive and thrive in the Outlands. These include all those who are friends to the Ghosts.
  • Panicked homesteader: A homesteader somewhere in the Outlands is under attack and sends out a panicked SOS transmission. Must be able to express adrenaline and fear. Age, race, and gender not specified.
  • Traffickers, marauders, and other fiends: If you’ve always wanted to play a “bad guy,” this is for you. Pull out your meaner side and terrify our audience as one of the many scumbags in the Outlands who make their living by preying on the innocent.
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