Podcast Help Wanted Listings

This page is for podcasters to advertise for actors, producers, editors, guests, etc. It should be noted that while these are basically help wanted ads, no podcast pays for its posting here.

This page will only be edited as I receive more listings. Be sure to check the dates on each listing to make sure they haven’t lapsed–and if they have, feel free to hit me up using my contact page or on Twitter.

For your wanted ad to be listed, please use my contact page. Feel free to include any links, relevant dates, etc.

VALENCE Casting Call

Production Title: VALENCE
Production Type: Independent Audio Drama
Project Length: Ongoing, 30-45 minute episodes–planned for approximately three seasons
Company Website: hughouse.productions
Email: valencepod@gmail.com
Location: Remote only (must have a reliable, clear-sounding microphone and basic understanding of recording)
Compensation: $200 flat rate for primary roles for the season, $100 flat rate for secondary roles for the season, plus scalable additional pay by percentage. All pay is dependent on crowdfunding, Patreon, etc.

After being recruited by a new government agency, a depressive magic user must stop the unethical practices of his estranged family and the country’s most successful “medical” tech startup.

Audition due date: July 20th, 2019
Callbacks: August 2019
Table Reads and Recordings: September/October 2019
Season 1 Premier: January 2020

(See site for full audition information)

Piece of Cake Podcast Network Auditions

The Piece of Cake Podcasting Network is opening auditions! In our own private discord, you’ll meet with other voice actors, editors, audio engineers and others who share our point of view. We’ll also help by walking you step by step through the process of creating, producing, advertising, and crowdfunding your shows. We’ll be posting casting calls to help you find roles as well as giving you notice of any cool classes going on. We also plan on having creator chats, writing prompts, and voice acting challenges each week to get your creative juices flowing. If you’re interested, go check out our website at pocpodcasting.wixsite.com/pocpn or by following this link. https://forms.gle/aTds2SDrMhnhTRTD6 Auditions will close July 31st at 11:59pm EST.

The Rest is Electric Casting Call

Production Title: The Rest is Electric (Season 1)
Project Format: Narrative Podcast
Production Location: Montreal, although actor location is negotiable
Production Manager: Michael Wanless
Writer: Nicola Wanless
Audition Location: Please submit via email
E-Mail: restiselectricpodcast@gmail.com
Compensation: $450 honourarium, plus profit share
Submission Deadline: June 28, 2019

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS Please submit a recorded monologue or examples of previous voice work, a resume, and an (optional) headshot, as well as a list of the roles you wish to be considered for.

PRODUCTION DATES Recording Begins: July 8, 2019 Recording Ends: August 17, 2019 Each actor will likely spend around 20 hours in recording. Recording will take place part-time, generally in the evening, on a flexible schedule.


The Rest is Electric is a futuristic sci-fi podcast about a sleep pod manufacturing company called Somnotech. The first season follows two employees: a human named Jordan who has been transferred unexpectedly to the robot-only manufacturing department, and a robot named Decker who spends his days slacking off from work convinced upper management is entrenched in some kind of conspiracy.

(See document for more details)

Maximum Fun Hiring Two Positions

Full Charge Bookkeeper

We’re looking to hire a full-time, in-house Full Charge Bookkeeper, who will assume the responsibilities of our part-time external bookkeeper and manage accounts payable and receivable. This role will report to our Managing Director, and is well-suited to organized, strong communicators with small business accounting experience. This is a new role at the company, consolidating and simplifying tasks that are currently divided amongst a small number of different roles. For all of the details, and to apply, please click here.

Transcription Manager

Back during the MaxFunDrive, we announced that we were going to start providing transcriptions for 18 of our shows. In order to make this happen, we’re hiring a Transcription Manager, who will be responsible for ensuring the quality, consistency, and timeliness of transcripts. The Transcription Manager is a new position in our company, and the person in this position will lead our transcript initiative. It’s important that they have a deep understanding of MaxFun’s culture and values. The Transcription Manager will build and manage a small team of freelance transcribers, ensure quality and consistency across all transcriptions, and post completed transcriptions. For more details and to apply, please click here.

CovenCast: A Disaster’s Guide to Magic Casting Call

Main Cast

Open through

June 16th – July 16th

CovenCast: A Disaster’s Guide to Magic is a supernatural audio-comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. CC was created by Amber Bulinski and Madelyn Dorta.

We prioritize BIPOC and LGBTQIA, sorry not sorry.

At Wrightwood Studios, we cast authentic and diverse voices that best meet the characters that we’ve created. Please read character descriptions. If you have questions, email adisastersguidetomagic@gmail.com or DM us.

Don’t worry, we DO have roles for everyone and anyone who wishes to be included in our show!


  • Send your submissions to adisastersguidetomagic@gmail.com with the character you are auditioning for in the subject line.
  • Tell us three facts about yourself and/or why you want to be a part of our show.
  • Include any samples, reels or reference work (it’s okay if you don’t have any!)
  • Links to social media (if comfortable)
  • Send us your favorite meme, or the meme that best represents you.


  • Must be available to meet deadlines (production will be a quick turnaround — this is a must)
  • Must record audio in a quiet space
  • Must not take themselves too seriously, be able to have fun and adlib with fellow cast members
  • Must be able to record as a cast and be available for cast read-alongs

(See document for roles available and more)

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