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This page is for podcasters to advertise for actors, producers, editors, guests, etc. It should be noted that while these are basically help wanted ads, no podcast pays for its posting here.

This page will only be edited as I receive more listings. Be sure to check the dates on each listing to make sure they haven’t lapsed–and if they have, feel free to hit me up using my contact page or on Twitter.

For your wanted ad to be listed, please use my contact page. Feel free to include any links, relevant dates, etc.


Seen and Not Heard is an audio drama about a young woman dealing with the gradual, inevitable loss of her hearing and the lack of support and understanding from her family in the face of her difficult circumstances. When she makes a new friend, who is the first person so far who doesn’t see her disability as either something to solve or something to ignore, she has the opportunity to see things in a new light. 

PLEASE NOTE: This production will contain strong language, as well as depictions and discussions of ableism, audism, alcohol use, mental illness, unhealthy coping mechanisms, minor religious themes, and difficult family relationships. Because of this, anyone auditioning must be over the age of 18 and comfortable with these themes. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding the content or other potential triggers. 

CONTACT: seenandnotheardpod@gmail.com

REQUIREMENTS: Auditioners must have access to recording equipment and a quiet environment. Please use your intended location and setup for auditions. Actors of any ethnicity and gender are welcome to audition, and all accents are welcome. Deaf and hard of hearing actors are encouraged to audition for all roles, and only a deaf or hard of hearing actor will be considered for Artist. The characters of Artist and ASL Teacher do not have a set age, race, or gender, and will be adjusted to fit the actor.

COMPENSATION: Minimum $30 per episode for principal roles, minimum $20 per episode for supporting roles


LENGTH: Planned for 6 episodes of approximately 20-25 minutes each. 

DEADLINE: Casting will close at 12:00 AM on December 1, EST. If needed, callbacks will take place during the following week.

The Fury Casting Call

Location: Remote

Rate: Minor characters $20 per ep

Deadline: November 30, 2019

Production Start Estimate: Dec 2019 / Jan 2020

After her girlfriend is revealed to be an undercover cop, Alecto, the Boss of the vigilante group “The Fury”, is fighting to make sure her empire doesn’t crumble around her. The Furies recent troubles have put a target on their backs, and it’s up to Alecto and her trusted inner circle to ensure the gang’s empire survives. But in such a tense situation is there also room to love again?

The Fury is a queer fiction audio drama, set in a world that unfairly discriminates against people of color, the queer community, women, the poor, and the disabled. Like we said … fiction. 

The Fury is an upcoming podcast writen and directed by a lesbian woc, Amara Augustine. 

The Fury was written as a cathartic work by a sexual assault survivor, who also happens to be a queer black woman living in today’s society. As such, the story will have a happy ending for all the poc and queer characters, while it severely punishes the perpetrators of heinous crimes. 

The Fury touches on many difficult topics. Please ensure you read all warnings before submission. 


cursing, violence, alcohol use, gun use / violence, hospitals, mentions of death and murder, implied torture, mentions of domestic violence, mentions of sexual assault, mentions of sex, and mentions of menstration

Auditions will be open until November 30th, 2019


Those cast as minor characters will receive $20 USD per episode, upon completion of lines. 


All actors must be 18 years or older. As all recordings will be done remotely, actors must also have access to a quiet environment for recording, and a good quality microphone. Previous acting experience is not required. 

Minor characters submissions will only have one line to read. 

Actors may record up to 3 takes of each line. 

Your submission should be in .wav or .mp3 formatting. Please name your file “Character Name Audition – Your Name”. 

Actor Preferences 

LGBTQIAA+ Black and Latinx actors will be preferred. Actors with a natural New York, African, Puerto Rican, Dominican, or Caribbean accent will be preferred. 

(See document for full details)

Medusa Gorgon’s Academy for Young Witches Casting Call

Medusa Gorgon’s Academy for Young Witches

The first ‘book’ in the Storytellers ‘series,’ a dramedy fantasy storytelling anthology podcast collection inspired by Jim Henson’s The Storyteller.

Production title: Medusa Gorgon’s Academy for Young Witches

Project format: A dramatic-comedy fantasy anthology style storytelling podcast

Project length: 1 season of 7 episodes

Compensation: $25 an episode for main and recurring characters; and $50 for characters who appear for only one episode (to be delivered upon completion of IndieGoGo in January)**

**Please note: Payment is not guaranteed and is based directly on how well the campaign goes

Production location: Seattle, Washington / Remotely

Production Website: storytellers.com (coming soon)

Email: rachel.rauch.author@outlook.com


Auditions – November 2nd to November 31st, 2019

Casting and Callbacks – November 30th – December 7th, 2019

Recording for Trailers – December 15th – December 30th, 2019

Post-Production for Trailers – January 1st – January 30th, 2020

IndieGoGo Campaign – January 30th, 2020 – February 30th, 2020

Recording for Full Season – March through May, 2020

Post-Production – May through

Launch Date – October 31st, 2020


Medusa Gorgon’s Academy for Young Witches is the first “book” of a second-person, anthology storytelling podcast collection entitled Storytellers about a story that’s listening to various storytellers tell stories about the story’s life so it can piece itself back together with the end goal of either saving or destroying the world…

(See doc for full information)

Pastamancy and Other Accidental Magics CASTING CALL

Pastamancy and Other Accidental Magics is an urban fantasy audio drama podcast about witches and finding community. Pastamancy follows Emil Gunnarsson, the youngest member of the Hagston family, as he returns home, and Oliver Waite, an aspiring private eye, as he discovers what life is like in the historic magical community of Hagstone. Unfortunately, family obligation and scandal take over their lives when the annual call for Grimoire spell submissions begins and arguments about what qualifies as legitimate magic come to light. As things begin to unravel, Emil and Oliver become disenchanted with the idea of Hagstone and all the History that comes with it.

Title: Pastamancy and Other Accidental Magics

Genre: Urban fantasy 

Project Length: Season One is 8 episodes, each episode is 10-20 minutes long

Recording Location: Remote

Posted On: October 31, 2019

Deadline: December 1, 2019

Contact: pastamancypod@gmail.com 

Website: http://pastamancypod.wordpress.com

(See doc for full information)

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