Podcast Help Wanted Listings

This page is for podcasters to advertise for actors, producers, editors, guests, etc. It should be noted that while these are basically help wanted ads, no podcast pays for its posting here.

This page will only be edited as I receive more listings. Be sure to check the dates on each listing to make sure they haven’t lapsed–and if they have, feel free to hit me up using my contact page or on Twitter.

For your wanted ad to be listed, please use my contact page. Feel free to include any links, relevant dates, etc.

Danson Casting Call

Thank for being interested in Danson. This is a southern themed, murder-mystery Audio drama from the creators of Unlucky Charm, Guild of Adventurers and the SHORTS podcast; Hail & Well Met.

All roles are unpaid, volunteer roles that possibly may carry into the following season.

SYNOPSIS: Danson follows Senior Detective Sharon Howl as she uncovers the mystery and cover-up behind a case that would grow to be known as the Danson Boys; a group of High School boys that one day finds themselves well in over their heads after a fight with a bully had gone wrong. From friendship to fighting, this story kicks off the series with a bang.

Audition Instructions:

  • Audition files due: 12th April 2019
  • Record up to 3 takes per line
  • You may audition for multiple roles.
  • Save in a WAV format (please leave the file as it was recorded without any processing, normalizing, etc.)
  • Save your file with the following naming convention (replace the square brackets and their contents with the relevant information):
    • [Show Name] – [Real Name] – [Character Name] – Audition
  • Submit your file to the Hail and Well Met “OwnCloud”
  • Notify Hail and Well Met that your recording has been submitted via email – danson@hailandwellmetpodcast.com

(See doc for full details)

The Sword and The Stoner Casting Call

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming project, The Sword and The Stoner. Below, we have listed the roles we are currently casting for. Please click the link next to each role for the audition materials and record the attached scenes. You may (and are encouraged) to audition for more than one role, but please record them as separate audio files following this naming structure: FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_CHARACTER.MP3. After recording, please apply using the form below by March 18th, 2019.

Thank you for your interest in this project, and we look forward to hearing your audition! You can follow updates on the project at our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Synopsis: The Sword & The Stoner is a modern day, stoner comedy take on the King Arthur legends. This time around, everything’s gone wrong. Merlin’s a Las Vegas magician with a reality TV show. Arthur’s never met a joint he didn’t like. Can three stoners and a reality TV star save the world? (Probably not.) 

(See site for full details)

Lock-Ups Casting Call

Lock-Ups is a large cast mystery-thriller audio drama podcast about a group of low-ranking employees on The Malwind Chronicles, the most popular epic fantasy show on TV. When their beloved co-worker goes missing, they find themselves the prime suspects in her disappearance. Desperate to prove their innocence and unable to make local law enforcement see reason, this group of unprepared fantasy nerds try to solve her disappearance for themselves in this darkly comic thriller about Hollywood, trauma, recovery, and the true nature of justice.


Title: Lock-Ups

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Project Length: 8-episode first season, with episodes averaging around 45 minutes. Future seasons possible.

Recording Location: Remote.

Recording Date: Recording begins mid-April 2019 for episodes beginning release in early summer 2019.

Compensation: $45 per episode for main characters, $25 per episode for supporting characters, additional compensation depending on crowdfunding.

Posted On: March 2nd, 2019

Deadline: March 31st, 2019, by 11:59pm EST.

Contact: lockupspodcast@gmail.com


Auditions are open to anyone 18 years of age or older. Please note that Lock-Ups contains depictions of violence, frank discussions and depictions of mental illness, and other material some may find disturbing, so please keep this in mind if you plan to audition.

We’d like to put together as diverse a cast as possible, so please audition for any role you are interested in. Actors of color and LGBTQ+ actors are especially encouraged to audition!

Because recording will be remote, we would prefer a microphone of Blue Snowball quality or higher. Please audition using the setup you will be using if cast, and please make sure there are no technical issues or noise disruptions- this is an audition of your recording space as well as your performance. However, we welcome actors of all experience levels to audition– no prior experience in voice acting necessary!

Please note that Lock-Ups is funded entirely out of pocket by our creators and we are compensating actors to the best of our ability. We will launch a Patreon before the release of the pilot episode, and the first priority with those funds will be making sure that our cast is compensated fairly.

(See doc for full details)

Stitcher Seeking Marketing Intern,
Associate Marketing Manager,
Manager of Listener Lifecycle Marketing (NYC)

Stitcher is the world’s largest pure-play podcast media company, and parent company to Earwolf and Midroll. We began as Earwolf, a pioneering comedy podcast network home to beloved shows like Comedy Bang! Bang!, Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, and How Did This Get Made?. Our Midroll brand distributes and monetizes major podcasts such as My Favorite Murder, WTF With Marc Maron, and The Bill Simmons Podcast. Stitcher is one of the leading podcast listening apps, and also home to a network of Stitcher Original podcasts like LeVar Burton Reads, The Dream, and Freakonomics Radio. We’ve been building the podcast industry since its earliest days — and we’re just getting started.

Marketing Intern

To support our growing business, we are searching for an Associate Marketing Manager to support the launch and growth of our owned and operated podcasts. This person will report to our Director of Audience Growth and lead execution of marketing strategies to build and engage listeners for the podcasts under our umbrella of networks.

(See full listing for more)

Associate Marketing Manager

To support our growing business, we are searching for an Associate Marketing Manager to support the launch and growth of our owned and operated podcasts. This person will report to our Director of Audience Growth and lead execution of marketing strategies to build and engage listeners for the podcasts under our umbrella of networks.

(See full listing for more)

Manager of Listener Lifecycle Marketing

To support our growing business and marketing team, we’re searching for a Manager of Listener Lifecycle Marketing . This person will lead execution of marketing strategies to retain the Stitcher app user base, as well as encourage Stitcher users to upgrade to our Premium offering.

(See full listing for more)

The Once and Future Nerd in need of a sound designer/mixer

Award-winning scripted Fantasy Adventure podcast THE ONCE AND FUTURE NERD is looking to hire one or more Sound Designers/Mixers for its upcoming chapter and beyond.

For each episode, you would receive a script, cue list, and around 25 minutes of dialogue – pre-edited for timing and performance – and be asked to shape our lush and lived-in Fantasy world with ambience and sound cues, then mix and normalize. This is a great opportunity for sound designers to work with a lot of creative freedom while still benefiting from an established lore and brand.

Candidates will be asked to work on a 3 minute section as an audition before being brought on to do a complete episode.
Pay will be $50 (US) per completed episode. 

Please email iordic.princes at gmail dot com with interest or inquiries, subject line ‘TOAFN Mixer 2019.’ Please include a link to your reel, portfolio, or other recent work. Candidates without a reel, portfolio, or recent work will be considered but please mention it in your initial email.

Player call for actual play podcast Ghostpuncher Corps

Ghostpuncher Corps is currently recruiting guest players for a series of episodes that will air in the later half of 2019. These will be 2-3 episode mini-arcs featuring an adventure set in the Ghostpuncher universe with the Ghostpuncher Corps crew teaming up with teams of guest players.

As we are seeking players for these arcs we are also seeking people to commit to staying on the podcast long-term, and so for people who would be interested in committing to the project please sign up to participate in these episodes and note in your submission that you’re interested in staying on the show. These episodes will be a bit of a “try out” period for anyone who’s interested in joining long term to see who would be a good fit for the show. You do not necessarily need to be familiar with the show in order to submit, but please try to sample the comic or the show to get a sense of the tone and the universe you’re making a character in before you submit.

If you are interested either way, please send a short MP3 recording made with whatever best recording devices you have available with this information:

Introduce yourself with your name, your age, your pronouns, and a little bit about yourself & whatever podcasts or other media you’re involved in, if you would like to include that information.

Introduce us to your character. Your character is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition character, belonging to just about any character class you can justify story-wise bringing to the table, homebrew or otherwise. They’re human, level 8, of earth and live in America in 2018. Right now, the Corps are heavy on casters, so I would encourage low-magic classes, especially if you want to be considered for permanent cast status. If you do make a magic user, a few things to keep in mind:

  • Magic works differently in the Ghostpuncher universe than in D&D. Culture and cultural iconography powers magic. This can be interpreted in all sorts of different ways. Examples: A bard powered by the runes she soldered into the circuitboard of her synths, an art historian whose relationship to her own field becomes so fractured and tense she accesses warlock magic through it.
  • If your class has a relationship with divinity, what they worship in can be just about anything of cultural significance, as long as a person could feasibly worship it. Freddie Mercury, anime, capitalism, Fortnite, American muscle cars, you name it. At one point a character considered for the original cast was a Dolly Parton worshipping cleric.

After you’ve described your character, speak in their voice for at least one sentence. You gotta do a voice!

Send that MP3 to ghostpuncher666@gmail.com

Eve will start contacting guests for the mini arcs at the conclusion of the next Ghostpuncher Corps arc, expected mid 2019


Title: The 12:37
Genre: Science fiction/Adventure
Recording location: Southampton, UK
Compensation: None, but we will cover your train or coach ticket
Contact: 1237pod@gmail.com

Synopsis: The 12:37 is an audio drama about taking the wrong train. Things start when our protagonist Nora accidentally boards a time-travelling train and meets its mysterious employees. But when will she be able to return home? And what are the mysterious deliveries the train is making?

Audition Notes: We’re looking for a female or non-binary guest actor to voice a character. Auditions are open to anyone over the age of 18, whether you have prior acting experience or not. Anyone is welcome to apply, but we especially encourage actors of colour and LGBT+ actors to reach out.

1. Record the lines below.
2. State your name when you begin the recording.
3. Send the file in either .mp3 or .wav format to 1237@gmail.com with the following information: your pronouns, a couple sentences about yourself, and examples of prior voice acting experience if you have any.


Number of episodes: 1 so far, but may appear in future episodes

Description: A smart and resourceful hacker, she is soft-spoken but sharp and fast. Think computer genius mixed with high fashion spy.

Age: Late twenties

Pronouns: she/her, but we’re happy to accommodate if you use different pronouns.


Ah, finally! I’ve been running this decrypting program for a couple of days, but Beyond’s employee security is a tough nut to crack, and it finally worked! (pause) Hmm, looks like they’re getting antsy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were hurrying things along so they can be ready. (pause) Alright, this is a list of everyone who’s been promoted in the last couple of months. We’ve been watching what happens with that in this timeline so you know who to watch out for.

Path of the Miriam Casting /Crew Call

Captain of the science vessel Miriam, Reni Alders deserted the military five years ago. Now, after years of searching, she thinks she’s found a map that could give her answers about her parents disappearance. There’s just one snag- this map comes with a catch: a young female human named Nym. Reni is forced to deal with a nuisance she never asked for, and Nym must learn to navigate the Miriam’s unique crew.


Unpaid for the foreseeable future. A patreon will be opened and should it make enough, compensation might be possible eventually. HOWEVER you should be prepared and eager to simply be involved in the project for fun.

Looking for:

Cast and crew who love audio dramas/ podcasts and have always wanted to be in one for fun.

All cast and crew must be at least 18 years old. If auditioning for a role, you do not have to be the same age as your character, as long as you can convincingly portray their age.


Musician: Someone who can create opening and closing music for the podcast, as well as potentially a couple of in world songs.

Writers: Dedicated and reliable writers to help write episodes.

If interested in either, please email inkstainprod@gmail.com with a sample of your work


People of every color, gender, and sexuality are encouraged to audition. You can audition for more than one role.

(See doc for audition information)

Casting Call: Hit the Bricks


Hit the Bricks is looking for voice actors to join us on our journey to Oz. Here are some details about working with us:

Right now we are looking for actors who may be interested in joining the series if crowdfunding should prove successful and we are looking into securing parts so that we may record a teaser or trailer for that crowdfunding campaign.
The series will have a large cast, though no more than half a dozen characters at a time may appear in a single episode, usually.
Please note all parts are paid, though the fee for the trailer will be smaller than the rest of the series.

You must be over 18-years-old, and non-union to audition
. Many roles will be open to any gender identity or race, but some will be written with specific identities in mind (in particular, people of color and people outside the gender binary). As such, we have fields that ask about those identities, but you can put that you prefer not to say if it makes you uncomfortable.
If you live in a major city, such as Los Angeles or New York, we may be able to assist you with recording if you land a role but for the most part, we expect to hire remote actors with their own recording set up. Your audition should be representative of the highest quality you can achieve on your own.

Please send your audition and the completed fields to hitthebrickspod@gmail.com, subject: (YOUR NAME) Hit The Bricks Audition. It is 100% okay if you have no prior experience in audio dramas.



The following is the audition text for Hit the Bricks. You’ll notice instead of lines, we are asking you read a passage from the original Wonderful Wizard of Oz, as we have many characters to cast and some surprises down the road. You are encouraged to show your range, and not just read but perform the parts. We are looking for sincerity above all. You may send us up to three takes of this passage.

(See the site for the audition passage)

The Ghost Radio Project

GRP roles are unpaid gigs. This is a labor of love. Knoxville-area residents only. Must be over 18 years of age to participate in the podcast.

Please do not apply for roles meant to represent minorities and marginalized groups if you do not share their identity. This means you must be a transgender person to play a trans character, you must be a person of color to play POC characters, you must be an Autistic person to play an Autistic character, etc.

If race is not specified in the role description, that does not mean the character is therefore white  — in The Ghost Radio Project, white is not a “default.”  Representation is very important to us. We want our cast to reflect real life and all the diversity therein. So, if you think you could play the character, please audition! No past acting experience is required.


[Visit the site linked above and] Click a gender above to view available roles and apply. Alternatively, you may email theghostradioproject@gmail.com and let us know which role you are interested in to start the audition process. We will send you an audition script, and you will send us a quick video or audio audition. Please apply NOW, as our roles tend to fill very quickly. The first person to nail it gets the role, so make sure you’re at the top of the list by applying sooner rather than later.

  • News Anchor: Play a professional news anchor who works for the national news. All ages (18+) and identities are needed Should be able to do the monotone news-style voice.
  • Preacher: Fire-and-brimstone preacher out in the middle of the desert. Male, should sound between age 40 and 60. Few lines, but lines are very intense. Meant to sound haunting, eerie, a little scary. Lots of yelling. High-energy role. Race not specified.
  • Soldiers: Seeking multiple actors to play soldiers in the U.S. Army who patrol the Outlands and send out various military communications. All ages (18+) and identities are needed for these roles!
  • Farmers, homesteaders, and other outlanders: Play one of the many amazing people who manage to survive and thrive in the Outlands. These include all those who are friends to the Ghosts.
  • Panicked homesteader: A homesteader somewhere in the Outlands is under attack and sends out a panicked SOS transmission. Must be able to express adrenaline and fear. Age, race, and gender not specified.
  • Traffickers, marauders, and other fiends: If you’ve always wanted to play a “bad guy,” this is for you. Pull out your meaner side and terrify our audience as one of the many scumbags in the Outlands who make their living by preying on the innocent.
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