Podcast Help Wanted Listings

This page is for podcasters to advertise for actors, producers, editors, guests, etc. It should be noted that while these are basically help wanted ads, no podcast pays for its posting here.

This page will only be edited as I receive more listings. Be sure to check the dates on each listing to make sure they haven’t lapsed–and if they have, feel free to hit me up using my contact page or on Twitter.

For your wanted ad to be listed, please use my contact page. Feel free to include any links, relevant dates, etc.

Casting Call: Tides

Dr. Ricardo Martinez, ship’s medical doctor, man (open to cis, trans, and masc nb actors), Latino (open to all accents), 30s – 40s. An enthusiastic amature beekeeper who really loves his bees and is very sad to leave them to go to space. The medical doctor on a ship with a bunch of academics, he is always trying to convince them to please just take care of themselves.

This is a small but regular role, appearing in 6 episodes in season 2.

This role is paid, at $25 per episode, with possible increases depending on funding.

If interested, please email tidespodcast@gmail.com for the audition script.

Casting Call: Hit the Bricks


Hit the Bricks is looking for voice actors to join us on our journey to Oz. Here are some details about working with us:

Right now we are looking for actors who may be interested in joining the series if crowdfunding should prove successful and we are looking into securing parts so that we may record a teaser or trailer for that crowdfunding campaign.
The series will have a large cast, though no more than half a dozen characters at a time may appear in a single episode, usually.
Please note all parts are paid, though the fee for the trailer will be smaller than the rest of the series.

You must be over 18-years-old, and non-union to audition
. Many roles will be open to any gender identity or race, but some will be written with specific identities in mind (in particular, people of color and people outside the gender binary). As such, we have fields that ask about those identities, but you can put that you prefer not to say if it makes you uncomfortable.
If you live in a major city, such as Los Angeles or New York, we may be able to assist you with recording if you land a role but for the most part, we expect to hire remote actors with their own recording set up. Your audition should be representative of the highest quality you can achieve on your own.

Please send your audition and the completed fields to hitthebrickspod@gmail.com, subject: (YOUR NAME) Hit The Bricks Audition. It is 100% okay if you have no prior experience in audio dramas.



The following is the audition text for Hit the Bricks. You’ll notice instead of lines, we are asking you read a passage from the original Wonderful Wizard of Oz, as we have many characters to cast and some surprises down the road. You are encouraged to show your range, and not just read but perform the parts. We are looking for sincerity above all. You may send us up to three takes of this passage.

(See the site for the audition passage)

Casting call: MOONFACE

Audition Due Date: 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Friday, September 28
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Project Length: 6 episodes, 15-30 minutes (one season)
Recording Location: Los Angeles
Compensation: $50USD per episode for featured actors and $25USD per episode in which an actor’s role is minor
Telling someone the truth is never easy, especially when it’s your mom. Paul has lived with his mom his entire life. He wants to tell her that he’s gay, but the problem is they don’t speak the same language. Paul is a second generation Asian American and can only speak English. His mom, Gina Mi-sook Kim, who immigrated to the United States, can only speak Korean.
MOONFACE is a serialized audio dramedy that tells the story of two people who have known each other their entire lives but have never had an honest conversation with one another. As Paul starts to learn Korean to finally express who he really is to his mother, he realizes that he isn’t the only one who has been holding something back.
If you have your own recording equipment, you can send your audio audition to moonfacepodcast@gmail.com. We will also be holding auditions in person in Los Feliz on Saturday, September 15 if you do not have any recording/audio equipment.
Here are the roles we are auditioning for:
Paul — A 27-year-old second-generation Korean American who is gay and out to his friends, but closeted while living at home with his mom. He’s an aspiring music producer but helps pay the bills by tutoring and serving at a restaurant.
Gina  — Paul’s mother who struggles to communicate with her son, due to both language and cultural barriers. She sacrificed everything to give her son a better life in the United States but is now stuck working two jobs as a cook and she has no one to talk at work and at home. The realization that she is alone weighs down on her.
Shayla — A 27-year-old African American who is Paul’s best friend and also lives with her parents. She has spent all of her life dreaming of becoming a fashion designer but is stuck working as an assistant and is too passive to move up the ladder.
Danny — A 27-year-old Mexican-American who has been Paul’s friend since 3rd grade and who is also gay. He works at a retail store and doesn’t think he’s good enough to become an artist. His constant self-doubt causes him to not try in life.
Ryan — A 35-year-old Caucasian-American who is Paul’s love interests. He works a menial day job but is also trying to be a music producer. He might be more into Paul than Paul is into him.
George — An older gay Asian man who goes to the bars alone every night. He’s a mentor and friend to Paul.
Jackie — Shayla’s mother who works as a civil engineer. She doesn’t mind that her daughter and son live at home with her since they contribute to paying bills and help around the house. But she worries that Shayla is in a rut in her life.



Audition Due Date:

11:59 PM Pacific TIme on Sunday, September 30th, 2018


Title: Among the Stars and Bones

Genre: Science Fiction

Union/Non-Union: Non-union

Project Length: Multi-season series, 10 episodes (first season)

Recording Location: Remote only

Recording Date: Commencing November 2018

Compensation: Not guaranteed. A Patreon will be launched with the show and 80% of proceeds will go to cast members up to a maximum of $40USD per episode for featured actors and $20USD per episode in which an actor’s role is minor.

Contact: UngodlyHourProductions@gmail.com


A team of xenoarchaeologists investigate sites throughout space that were once colonies or crash-sites of a now-vanished alien race dubbed the Proximans. Each season the team tackles a new site, unlocking new secrets and meeting new dangers and challenges. The team must also deal with pressure from the corporation and the military who have a vested interest in profiting from Proximan technology.

The story is told through regular status reports from the mission overseer, the head of archaeology, the 2IC of xenobiology, the head of technology and the leader of the military science team.


Auditions are open to anyone over the age of 18. No previous experience is necessary. Any ethnic background/accent is acceptable for any of the listed roles. Character names will be changed if something more appropriate to the successful actor’s background is needed. Trans and non-binary actors are encouraged to audition for any roles they feel they fit. Kathy is bisexual so only LGBTQIA+ actors can audition, with priority given to bisexual actors. Celia is specifically intended as a non-binary character and in their specific case a non-binary actor is required.

As actors will be recording themselves remotely, access to a good quality microphone and recording space free from outside noise and echo is a must. Please record your lines in the manner you intend to do should you get a part, as the audition is for your recording setup as well as your voice.

If you have any questions about the audition process or the characters themselves, feel free to email Chris at UngodlyHourProductions@gmail.com

(See document for full details)

Act Natural Casting Call

Project Overview:

Title: Act Natural

Genre: Speculative fiction

Union/Non-Union: Non-union

Project Length: Multi-season anthology, 6-10 episodes (first season).

Recording Location: Long Beach, CA OR remote

Email: actnaturalpodcast@gmail.com

The Story:

Abducted by extraterrestrials, radio personality Michelle Elwin finds herself captive to the whims of two sinister and inspired creators of an intergalactic podcast series called Act Natural where they casually manipulate the lives of humans in order to tell the universe’s most authentic stories. (Please note, while it isn’t necessarily beholden to any particular sub-genre, the stories will often lean toward horror and deal with a heavy subject matter.)

Audition Notes:

We are recording out of Long Beach, CA and would love to work with actors in studio when possible, but we will also be working with remote performers. All you need is a good quality microphone and an isolated recording space.

Since Act Natural is a small production and will be released for free, compensation cannot be guaranteed; though, we are passionate about the work we do and those we choose to work with. We shall promote the actor’s work outside of this project and any possible revenue from production will go straight to the cast and crew. We will launch a Patreon with the release of the pilot episode.

(See document for more details)

Further Casting and a Recast for Modern Fae

As we gear up for recording the first few episodes of season 1, we’re looking to cast some more roles, and also need to recast our main character, Diya.

A bit more about the show: Modern Fae is a new audio drama that centers around Diya Greenberg, a young woman who feels lost in her life, and makes the fateful decision to move to a tiny South Texan town to manage a bookstore. Little does she realize, but Encrucijada is much, much more than it seems. It is a haven for the legendary and mythological, the shadowy and supernatural. And it is in grave danger. Here, even the shadows have shadows, and something is stirring that threatens not only to consume the whole of this bastion of the fantastical, but the entire world. As she unravels the mysteries of Encrucijada, Diya learns to rely on new friends and allies. There’s Aoife, her landlady, will-they-won’t-they girlfriend, and oh, yeah, 1000 year old warrior, the changeling twins Tik and Tok, 700 year old preteens always looking for their next mark, and Clio, Isimud, and Mr. Enki, Diya’s eccentric co-workers at The Fount Bookstore. With them at her side, Diya confronts old and new evils, and in the process discovers who she truly can be.

The roles being cast are:
-Diya Greenberg, the main character for the show
-Mr. Enki, the owner and creator of the Fount Bookstore. An ancient Sumerian deity
-Saraswati Greenberg, Diya’s mother
-Fred, an elf
-Mr. Washi and Mr. Karasu, two tengu residing in Encrucijada

Here are the sides: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Irihpbp2hQ0kOJKNXpRPQ1Uw-oKn3Rhwo2Gsi-d1m6w/edit?usp=sharing

Please send all auditions to modernfaepodcast@gmail.com along with a brief description of you (name, age, gender, race, etc)! Please note that only actors of color will be considered for characters of color. All positions are open for auditions and work samples from today (August 5th) to Sunday, August 12th!

Audition for One-Episode Time Travel Audio Drama

“Mina’s Story” is a one-episode podcast about a young woman who travels to the future with plans to go back in time and fix her past.

The deadline to submit is 8/10/18, 11:59PM PST. Casting emails will be sent by end of day 8/13.

Recording Schedule: Flexible depending on your schedule—ideally a few hours at one point in the next 2-3 weeks.

Questions: If you have any questions, send an email to mirijosephs23@gmail.com!

For full details and information on how to submit, please see this page: Thank you for your interest!

The Red Light Library Looking for Co-Hosts

The Red Light Library is a sex-positive podcast that reviews short erotica (usually sub 100 pages), focusing stories that have an unusual/interesting hook. Over the past 18 months we’ve covered everything from amazing stories of people fucking mythical creatures to some of the more problematic/manipulative garbage for sale. It’s been a blast to produce, but Real Life has caused multiple scheduling roadblocks that have bumped it down to a twice-monthly upload schedule. Fortunately, you could help change that!

For the first time the Red Light Library is opening its doors with an open application call. I am seeking to build a small cadre of co-hosts of diverse backgrounds/orientations. Together we can make the RLL a weekly upload once more!

Anyone LGBTQA+ is strongly encouraged to apply. One cishet white guy is more than enough for this podcast.


  • Be of legal age to read erotica. I am cool with hosts using stage names, but we need to keep things legal!
  • A decent recording setup. A lot of quality can be squeezed out of a $25 microphone if recorded in the right area. I’m looking for decent sound quality paired with little to no echo.
  • An open mind. This show has covered everything from a story about a businesswoman farting in a board meeting to someone fucking a leprechaun in exchange for some of his gold (yes, his goo was green). We’re here to review/have fun, but it also helps to ask the question “is this bad writing or is this good writing but of a kink I don’t like?”
  • Be Opinionated. It’s all well and good to say you don’t like a thing, but a good reviewer goes into why they don’t like something.
  • An idea of your kink limits. This will be more of an open conversation as time goes on, as we’re all humans learning about ourselves see we go, but in the beginning a quick run-down of some kinks/topics you would like to avoid would be super helpful when considering who to pitch what stories to.

How to apply:

Send me a 5-10 minute recording of you using your current setup hitting the following topics:

  • What’s your name (stage name/online handle is totally cool)?
  • Tell me a bit about yourself! What are your pronouns? How old are you? etc.
  • Do you have any prior podcasting experience? If so, what?
  • What’s your level experience with erotica (if you haven’t really read any: what makes you excited to dive into this world of prose porn?)
  • (optional) If you’re a listener of the RLL, have we covered a story that clicked with you? If so why?
  • (optional) Got an idea for something that falls under the RLL’s umbrella of discussing adult content in the same manner one would review “real” media? I want to hear about it. Do you and your friend have a passion to discuss cheesy adult film parodies? Are you an erotica author wanting to discuss craft/writing? Want to do a deep dive on Deviantart fetish art/stories? Pitch your idea, I’m all ears!

Save your file as .mp3 or .wav, straight from recording. I’d like to hear the raw audio to get a feel for what my editing workflow would look like. E-mail the file to redlightlibrarypodcast@gmail.com with the subject line “RLL Host Application.”

Application deadline is 12:00 p.m. CST, August 15th, 2018.

Casting Call for Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services

Production title: Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services

Production Type: Independent Audio Drama

Project length: 2nd season premieres February 2019 and 3rd season premieres February 2020.

Company websitewww.kalilastormfire.com


Location: DC metro area OR remote

Compensation: $75 per full feature episode/mini-episode; $40 per smaller feature


After a controversial fallout with her coven, Kalila Stormfire must juggle complex clients and an anonymous critic hellbent on besmirching her new business.

The first season is currently released bimonthly starting February 2018 through August 2018. The show will follow the expanded universe through the second and third season.

Actors with remote voice acting experience are preferred, but any general acting experience is encouraged to audition. I will be working with any remote actors closely through virtual table reads.


Mini Episode Premieres: GLORIA in September 2018 (small feature) and October 2018; CLARENCE in November 2018

Tentative Season 2 Recording Due Date: January 2019

Season 2 Premiere: February 2019


Mic Requirements (if outside of the DC metro area): 16-bit/44.1kHz that can be exported to WAV (Yeti mic, H2n recorders, etc)

Please send no more than 5-minute recording of multiple takes of the sides provided for the character. You may also send a 5-minute recording of other voice acting experience.

Accessibility: If you require additional support, including Deaf or Blind accessibility to the sides/directing assistance, please feel free to reach out. I also encourage soft recording due-dates to help with anyone who needs that level of flexibility based on income, working hours, and other mitigating circumstances. I have been and am able to do last-minute rewrites to accommodate emergencies and self-care required on behalf of the actor.

Representation: I heavily advocate for more diversity in media and for that reason people of color, trans people, and people from other marginalized groups are particularly encouraged to audition. Anyone who is cast will also be encouraged to be an active part of the character-development process.

(See site for roles and more information)

Casting call for The Big Loop

CASTING NOTICE (paid): Older male American voice. Emotionally heavy role. Has to sound like you’ve been to hell and back. Must have experience self-recording. If interested please submit audio audition to bigloopproductions@gmail.com. Audition scene:

Composer Needed

Minute Pulp Romance Podcast is looking for a composer to underscore our next suite of sensual, cinematic stories. You can hear previous stories at: Contact us on FB, Twitter, or at minutepulpromance@gmail.com

Vox Media looking for Senior Producer of Audio

Vox Media employees thrive on innovation and change while ambitiously seeking to master their subject areas, hone their craft, and improve their communities. We help smart, talented, creative professionals make a meaningful impact in media, technology and the world around them. The Vox Media house of brands includes industry-leading media forces like SB Nation, Eater, The Verge, Vox, Curbed, Recode, Racked and Polygon, and reaches an audience of hundreds of millions, generating over a billion content views each month.      

The Vox Media Podcast Network is home to popular shows like Recode Decode, The Weeds, Vergecast and The Ezra Klein Show. Our roster of hosts command influence and large audiences in their respective fields.

As we expand our network, Vox Media is looking for a Senior Producer of Audio.

What you’ll do:

The Senior Producer of Audio will develop new shows across our house of distinctive editorial brands. You’ll collaborate with our talent to conceptualize series based on their original reporting and subject matter expertise. For greenlighted shows, you’ll oversee production/rollout plans, staffing and budgets. You’ll be closely involved with select podcasts as the supervising producer: generating topics, booking guests and leading segment/script development, sound design, and editing.

(See site for full job posting)


Non-Fiction podcast looking for new co-host

Hi all, due to work commitments, my co-host on the show Dark histories recently stepped out leaving me with something of a hole to fill. The show is fairly well established, currently on around episode 36-ish, with a good listenership.
Dark Histories tells the stories of our darkest moments, deepest mysteries and strangest happenings. From large cultural events to smaller, localised legends, we dabble in true crime, touch on the paranormal and revel in the underbelly of the strange. Or at least, that’s the official synopsis. As a general rule, the subjects are quite broad from week to week, covering anything a bit Fortean, a bit fringey. The mystery element is probably the biggest core. It’s not a banter filled show but it’s not completely straight either.
We would record remotely using a VoIP service and each record our own audio that I then piece together, so location doesn’t play a huge factor. I’m UK based, but pretty much run on EST time. In terms of editing, I have that side of the show covered so there is no extra workload there.
About you
I’m fairly open minded on the new co-host, probably the number one thing I’m looking for is someone who has an interest in the topics. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sceptic or a firm believer (for the record, I’m a firm fence sitter, though heavily leaning to sceptic). A semi-capable mic would be the minimum required.
In terms of workload, that could be up to you and be as much or as little as you like. I write for the show solo as is, so you could just show up and hit record, or you could help to write episodes also, that would really be your call, depending on what we work out. If you can chip in on the social media, that would be a huge advantage as I am dreadful, though I give it a crack.
If you’re interested, you can contact me via email at contact@darkhistories.com

Audio Editor Needed!

We are an upcoming podcast that is looking for an Audio Editor and Producer. The script is written and performed by us. We just need someone to put everything together and work their magic to make it a cohesive show.

There will be 10 30-minute episodes that will need the following:
-sound effects to convey the right mood and atmosphere of the show

-background music as needed

-recorded audio edited to fit the script

Editors must be able to chat with us on Discord for brainstorm sessions, and be available through email.

This is unpaid, as funds are limited. We know it takes a lot to edit. We are not naive about how much work goes into it. At the moment this is a labor of love and hope someone else believes in our podcast as much as we do and wants to help us. If there should be any money at all made from our efforts, just know we WILL be giving money to our editor. But at this moment all we have to give is our gratitude and promotion of your work.

If you are interested in working with us, please send an example of some of your work to audiodramaqueens@gmail.com
General Plot:
Six women get together for an acting class and things go to hell. Literally.

The Ghost Radio Project

GRP roles are unpaid gigs. This is a labor of love. Knoxville-area residents only. Must be over 18 years of age to participate in the podcast.

Please do not apply for roles meant to represent minorities and marginalized groups if you do not share their identity. This means you must be a transgender person to play a trans character, you must be a person of color to play POC characters, you must be an Autistic person to play an Autistic character, etc.

If race is not specified in the role description, that does not mean the character is therefore white  — in The Ghost Radio Project, white is not a “default.”  Representation is very important to us. We want our cast to reflect real life and all the diversity therein. So, if you think you could play the character, please audition! No past acting experience is required.


[Visit the site linked above and] Click a gender above to view available roles and apply. Alternatively, you may email theghostradioproject@gmail.com and let us know which role you are interested in to start the audition process. We will send you an audition script, and you will send us a quick video or audio audition. Please apply NOW, as our roles tend to fill very quickly. The first person to nail it gets the role, so make sure you’re at the top of the list by applying sooner rather than later.

  • News Anchor: Play a professional news anchor who works for the national news. All ages (18+) and identities are needed Should be able to do the monotone news-style voice.
  • Preacher: Fire-and-brimstone preacher out in the middle of the desert. Male, should sound between age 40 and 60. Few lines, but lines are very intense. Meant to sound haunting, eerie, a little scary. Lots of yelling. High-energy role. Race not specified.
  • Soldiers: Seeking multiple actors to play soldiers in the U.S. Army who patrol the Outlands and send out various military communications. All ages (18+) and identities are needed for these roles!
  • Farmers, homesteaders, and other outlanders: Play one of the many amazing people who manage to survive and thrive in the Outlands. These include all those who are friends to the Ghosts.
  • Panicked homesteader: A homesteader somewhere in the Outlands is under attack and sends out a panicked SOS transmission. Must be able to express adrenaline and fear. Age, race, and gender not specified.
  • Traffickers, marauders, and other fiends: If you’ve always wanted to play a “bad guy,” this is for you. Pull out your meaner side and terrify our audience as one of the many scumbags in the Outlands who make their living by preying on the innocent.

The Podcast Advocate Network

Podcast Advocate is open to take on a new client, podcast, or other audio project. You can find more about me and what I do at http://PodcastAdvocate.Network/editing and listen to samples of my work at http://PodcastAdvocate.Network/portfolio. I’d love to hear from you so if you have questions, I’m @PodcastAdvocate on the twitters, or PodcastAdvocate@gmail.com.

Looking For All Kinds of Help For Audiodrama Podcast

Hi, I make the audiodrama podcast At The End Of The Line, with the idea being it’s a post-apocalyptic travel show as the host journeys around a ruined England. Basically I get to play with every different apocalyptic scenario you can think of – zombies, Artificial Intelligence, plagues.
I pretty much do everything by myself and I’m looking for other people to be involved, it can be behind the scenes with writing, editing, music etc., but also looking for voice actors. The show is essentially one person, Richard Oliver, relaying what has happened recently but I want to have more “guests” being interviewed as well as having other actors to do segments or allow me greater options with narrative than me being the sole voice actor currently allows.

Any help would be greatly appreciated with full credit given but unfortunately no money.

Below is the website so you can see what the show is like –

Anyone interested me email – attheendofthelinepodcast@gmail.com or get in touch via twitter – @postapocpodcast

An Old Fashioned Hell House Coming Down In Three Parts Harmony

An Old Fashioned Hell House Coming Down In Three Parts Harmony  is a dark comedy about Carl, the owner of a haunted house ride at a declining amusement park, on a night that he bumps into an old classmate in Mike, who is waiting for his girlfriend to get off from work at the park.

Carl- Male 20-30s. Eccentric, grandiose, weary and manic.

Mike- Male 20-30s. Composed and mild mannered.

For the audition choose the role you’d like to audition and record that characters lines from the sample script. If you are auditioning for both roles please record and send both separately. Send files in MP3 format to wtfrequency@gmail.com

Files should be labeled (Your Name)_(Role).MP3

Looking to cast voice actors in the Los Angeles area. This is a non paying gig.
Link to audition script

Podchaser looking for a React developer

We are looking for a React developer to help implement our design mockups as fully functional components to be integrated into the site as we design and develop new features for Podchaser.

We are creating the premiere podcast directory Podchaser () , and are ramping up development of our core feature set for 2018 and beyond. We have a massive roadmap full of great ideas, and we need somebody to come on board and help us bring them to life. A love and knowledge of podcasts is a big plus!

You will initially be tasked with implementing presentational components that will need to match the given mockups as closely as possible. Our developers will set up use cases for you (we use Storybook for this) and you will have the Photoshop designs to work from.

Beyond this, we would love to find somebody to join the company on a permanent basis, so as you become familiar with the project you will be writing connected components and frontend logic with Redux and Redux-Saga.

General design and UI/UX experience will also be highly valued if you are joining the company permanently, as you will become a member of our design team and will have the opportunity to contribute to new features and designs.

This is a 100% remote position and communication with the team will be done daily via Slack, as well as voice and video meetings on a regular basis. We are working towards a sprint based development cycle and have weekly standups to determine goals for the week, though you will be expected to keep the rest of the team up to date with your progress daily.

Diverse candidates welcome and encouraged!

Requirements: Strong in React, ES6, CSS, HTML5
Nice to have: A love of podcasts!
Experience in Redux, Redux-Saga, Webpack Design experience UI/UX experience Experience writing tests in jest/karma/etc

Please contact ben@podchaser.com for more information.

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