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“The Bright Sessions” Soars into Song with the Impeccable “50 – Rose”

"Episode 50 - Rose" is a dream come true, in more ways than one, for fans of The Bright Sessions: it's a full musical, complete with a sweeping "I Want" song, a sweet duet, and reprisals--all within the protagonists' dreams.

You Should Be Listening To: “The Bright Sessions”

You Should Be Listening To is a series where I talk up one of my favorite podcasts and explain why you should be listening, too. Each post gives an explanation of the show using the same five questions, including how best to listen and comparisons to other pieces of media. You can find all of ...

“The Bright Sessions” Concluding at the End of Season Four

On February 6th, 2018, cornerstone audio drama The Bright Sessions announced its finale via Twitter post and short post on their podcast feed. https://twitter.com/brightpodcast/status/961110108775337984 As discussed in the informative audio clip uploaded to their feed, Lauren Shippen explains that there are only (as of writing this post) eight episodes left for The Bright Sessions: The arc of the story ...