My Favorite Niche Podcasts

In my Top 10 Tips for Nonfiction Podcasts article, I talked about the importance of finding your niche, highlighting the expansive world of hyper-niche podcasts. These are my top 5 favorite hyper-niche podcast categories. If you’re interested in any of this super, super specific content, I’d highly recommend giving these shows a listen–and please comment with […]

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“Spirits” Delivers a Hilarious, Spooky Audio Drama for its 2nd Anniversary

For transparency, I was given the audio drama segments of the upcoming Spirits episodes for the purpose of review. I also contributed to them; however, I contributed as a fan, before I knew what the project was going to be. As a fan of podcasts that talk about mythology, cryptids, folklore, and the like, Spirits has long been […]

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2017’s Best in Podcasts: Nonfiction

1. Nancy If the podcasting industry needed any nonfiction show this year, it needed Nancy. In times where LGBT+/queer identities often feel both more public and more understood, Nancy serves as both a haven and a resource. The show is about LGBT+/queer culture and issues, but without feeling like it’s making a massive statement about its content. In […]

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