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“The Bright Sessions” Soars into Song with the Impeccable “50 – Rose”

"Episode 50 - Rose" is a dream come true, in more ways than one, for fans of The Bright Sessions: it's a full musical, complete with a sweeping "I Want" song, a sweet duet, and reprisals--all within the protagonists' dreams.

2017’s Best in Podcasts: Performances

1. Julia Morizawa, The Bright Sessions's Joan Bright Julia Morizawa has always been a standout in audio drama actors, but as Joan Bright becomes more developed, watching Morizawa's range has easily cemented her as one of the best performers in the industry. Morizawa seamlessly navigates going from cold and businesslike to sarcastic and bitter to deeply ...

Episode Review: The Bright Sessions, “34 – Frank”

This week's episode of the Bright Sessions introduces Frank Sawyer, voiced by Phillip Jordan, as an actual patient in Dr. Bright's office. As usual, The Bright Sessions cements itself as one of the most impressive independent fiction podcasts in the industry, and the inclusion of Jordan in the cast continues the already impressive lineup of voice talent. Before diving into ...