Review Policies

I am currently accepting review requests for both fiction and nonfiction podcasts. Please read the guidelines below for submitting your podcast.

3/24/2020: I am not reviewing or covering podcasts related to COVID-19 in any way at this time.

Urgent requests and press releases

If you have a new podcast, a landmark episode, an upcoming crowdfunding campaign, or anything else that would justify a press release, please email me directly and your update might be listed on a This Week in Podcasts roundup.

What I’m looking for

  • Fiction podcasts in atypical genres
  • Fiction podcasts with compelling and complicated protagonists
  • Nonfiction and fiction podcasts that innovate with form
  • Nonfiction and actual play/improvised podcasts with tight editing
  • Personal narrative podcasts with compelling hooks
  • Podcasts by marginalized voices, whether or not the podcast is about marginalized identities

What I’m (usually) not looking for

  • Single-narrator fiction podcasts with no music or sound design
  • Standard interview shows or chatcasts
  • Podcasts for kids
  • Politics podcasts
  • News podcasts
  • Sports podcasts
  • Business/finance podcasts
  • Health/wellness podcasts
  • Religious podcasts
  • Self-help/personal growth podcasts

How to submit a review request

Review requests may be submitted at any time, but will not receive a response unless approved for review. Do not contact me to follow up on the status of your review request. You should receive an automatic email confirmation from the form once it has been submitted.

If you need accommodations for completing the form, or if you have questions about the form itself, please use the following contact form:

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