For Podcasters

Podcasters, thank you for your work! Here are some resources I’ve amassed while writing on podcasts that you might find useful.

Wil Williams Reviews resources

  • If you’d like me to consult on your podcast, I offer consultation services including in-depth feedback, timestamps, conversations about your goals as a podcaster, through my podcast collective, Hug House. You can find information on our consultations here.
  • If you’d like to see posts on what to avoid in podcasting, make sure to check out my Podcast Problems posts.
  • If you want a guide on making your podcast’s press kit–something I’m very passionate about–you can read my guide written in collaboration with Bello Collective’s Elena Fernández Collins here.

Other podcast resources

Other podcast news/reviews sources

  • Bello Collective is a group of writers who post playlists, interviews, and more
  • Bello Collective’s Elena Fernandez Collins also writes the Audio Dramatic Newsletter, which goes in-depth on audio dramas
  • has podcast reviews focusing on audio dramas
  • The Pod Report writes podcast reviews and articles
  • ABD Reviews posts music, book, and podcast reviews on YouTube
  • PodNews is a long-running daily newsletter with news about the podcast industry