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For the Record: A “36 Questions” Relisten Series

My next relisten series will be on the musical, limited-run fiction podcast, 36 Questions!

How “Invisibilia” Fails Empathy and Itself

Since its first episode, Invisibilia has prided itself on having a foremost tenet of empathy. But this thesis statement was challenged in Invisibilia’s most recent episode, “The End of Empathy.” The episode didn’t challenge whether or not we could see ourselves in each other; instead, it challenged whether or not we should.

A white clock on a black background. The hour labels are only marked with lines, not numbers. The clock has three black arms showing minute, hour, and seconds, but a fourth red arm is blurred as if to show rapid, wild motion around from the 12:00 to the 4:00 places.

Let’s Go Back: An “ars PARADOXICA” Relisten Series

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I'm relistening to "ars PARADOXICA" and recapping each episode. Start here, or go check the Relistens tab!

“History Is Gay” Takes Queer Narratives Back from the Textbooks

It's often said that history is written by the victors--and, historically speaking, queer people are often not the victors, especially not in how our stories are written. The podcast History Is Gay aims to amend this, looking back at the narratives of historical figures who were almost definitely LGBT+, even if the history books won't say so. ...

“The Big Loop” Returns for Its Second Season with the Moving “Surfacing”

One of 2017's standout new audio dramas, The Big Loop is a sometimes sci-fi, sometimes magical realism anthology series told in monologues. After a between-seasons hiatus starting in early 2018, The Big Loop returns tomorrow (August 14th, 2018) with "Surfacing." In true The Big Loop fashion, "Surfacing" is a gorgeous, moving piece of audio worth savoring several times ...

“The Bright Sessions” Soars into Song with the Impeccable “50 – Rose”

"Episode 50 - Rose" is a dream come true, in more ways than one, for fans of The Bright Sessions: it's a full musical, complete with a sweeping "I Want" song, a sweet duet, and reprisals--all within the protagonists' dreams.

Wooden Overcoats Returns with a Lonesome Look at Rudyard Funn

British sitcom audio drama Wooden Overcoats has returned for its third season today with "Season 3 Episode 1: The Loneliness of the Short-Tempered Rudyard." Wooden Overcoats is known for its zany premise (following twin funeral home directors Rudyard and Antigone Funn as they compete with Eric Chapman, the only other funeral home director in their small town) and ...