Wil Williams is a devout millennial living in Phoenix, Arizona, a place too hot and dry for any human to live, so perhaps, Wil Williams is actually several lizards in a trench coat. Wil has been listening to podcasts for as long as podcasts have existed, and before that, she was raised on a healthy diet of NPR and War of the Worlds. When she got to college, she worked at her terrible college radio station and discovered her love of audio editing, which she no longer does, because she also discovered her love of sleep. There, she earned a degree in Secondary English Education, which is why she’s so good at writing in the third person, like I am now. Wait–

Wil started writing about podcasts via Tumblr in July 2016 and then transitioned to more formal reviews here in March 2017, using the name Podcast Problems. For its first birthday, the site got a full overhaul and rebranded to Wil Williams Reviews. Wil also has a weekly podcast newsletter.

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Wil also runs the Podcast Problems Discord Server, for podcast creators and fans alike, with specific hidden channels just for Patreon supporters (the server as a whole is open to anyone).

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