“Podcast Meander”: Finding The Hyper-Real in the Semi-Surreal

Podcast Meander is a “50% fictional” podcast that aggressively fights against a concise explanation or label; to start, here’s the description from the show’s website: One day, an American twenty-something set his life on fire. With no explanation, he left his job, gathered his savings, packed his musical equipment into his 2002 Subaru Forester and started driving. Beginning […]

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Why I Love Podcasts

Inspired by posts by Alex at AudioDramaRama and Gavin at The Pod Report (and my co-host on Tuned In, Dialed Up), I wanted to share the story of why I love podcasts so much and how I got to where I am today. Like Alex’s and Gavin’s, this will be a bit of a soul-bearing post, […]

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