A Rock and a Hard Place – The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel and Representation

Great post. This is going to be touched on in an upcoming post on fandom culture and black-and-white reasoning, but I’d highly recommend reading this just by virtue of it being a great sum-up of a recent upset in the podcasting community.

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For those unaware of the long running D&D podcast The Adventure Zone and the current discussions surrounding its graphic novel adaptation, here’s a primer. The Adventure Zone was initially created in mid 2014 as an isolated spin off episode of the My Brother, My Brother and Me podcast. The one shot became very popular very quickly, was spun out into its own podcast, and has had a new episode released every two weeks for almost three years.

As an audio drama created by 4 straight white men, the show has over the years had its run ins with representation discussions, with the brothers largely being receptive to criticism and responding to it proactively. A strong example of this was after they tragically killed off a pair of lesbian characters, at the time the only two confirmed queer characters on the show, they took on board criticism of the Bury Your…

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  1. […] a complete run-down of the events, I’d recommend reading this post. The events around this uproar in the community, though, are something we’ve seen time and […]



  2. […] year, The Adventure Zone finished its first full arc, announced a graphic novel, survived some rather spirited fan debate, and landed on several best-of lists besides this one. This year, The Adventure […]



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